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What do you know about the Gizmodo us site? Information they say is power. How true is this? Well in my own opinion think that this very statement is so true in the sense that what you don’t know is always bigger than you. A great philosopher once said that ignorance is the main enemy of the human mind. At some point, I was like what was he thinking when he made that statement. He might have made this statement a long time ago and how relevant is this statement is today. But in anyways I won’t be writing about a philosopher or what he said although it is very essential to whatever it is I have to say today.

Gizmodo US Site

Gizmodo US Site

One might question the term Gizmodo US site as to what it is, mostly if you have come across this platform, its website, and the contents within. Gizmodo is a US website but this website also has subsidiaries across the globe. Although all of the subsidiaries and branches are kind of similar, I will be focusing on the US site and branch of Gizmodo. Now that you know that this site has other branches all across the globe, what is this platform all about?

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What is Gizmodo? If you have been following this website and its contents you should know what the Gizmodo website is all about, but if on the other hand, you haven’t gotten the slightest clue as to what it represents, here it is. Gizmodo is an online magazine portal.  This portal or website provides various information and pieces of articles that are related to tech, design, social trends and so much more. this information magazine website was founded in the august 2001 by peter Rojas. This informative outlet can also be referred to as the Gizmodo media group. Just as  I was writing about information and knowledge at the beginning of this article, this website is one of the few platforms out there that are really putting anything out there informative wise to the public.

Gizmodo Media Group

Gizmodo can also be referred to as the Gizmodo media group. And as you have already learned in this article, this platform is a news and information platform. According to Wikipedia, this website is known as a ‘design, technology, science, and science fiction website’ and they weren’t lying. This website provides users and visitors with relevant information in the tech world. They provide reviews on some of the best gadgets out there both the ones that have been produced and the ones that are still to be released. If you, therefore, are looking for a good reviews platform, this is one of the few legit platforms to look out for.

Gizmodo Features

The Gizmodo features can also be referred to as categories. The categories and features on this platform are

  • Reviews.
  • Latest.
  • Science.
  • IO9.
  • Field guide.
  • Earther.
  • Paleofuture.
  • Video.

These categories sum up all the things that the platform is made up of. The reviews category on the platform contains reviews about the latest gadgets, equipment’s and tools currently making the rounds in the world of tech. items reviewed on this platform may range from smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, gym equipment’s and so much more. The science category on the other hand showcases trending news on regular topics such as physics, health, space, and archaeology. In this category, you will find answers pertaining to the latest news on all things health and science, space included.

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Since the coronavirus pandemic is still very around and with a cure not yet in place. You can check up this website to get in on the know about progress. The iO9 category however is all about entertainment and something for the nerds. You get to access relating and developing news on all things, nerds, comics, and television. Other categories on this platform as the name have suggested show you news and pieces of information related to them. So what are you waiting for, visit Gizmodo today and start getting the news and information you deserve.

Gizmodo Tech News Site

Gizmodo tech news site. This is not something new anymore if you have been following me on this article from the beginning. When it comes to tech news and information, I personally think that this site is in line and the same plane as the likes of TechCrunch and the rest of the big names in the industry. This websites passion to provide unparalleled news and information regarding the tech world makes it one to look out for and certainly one for the future.

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