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The Microfinance Program is excited to announce its Call for Proposals, aiming to foster economic empowerment and financial inclusion in Burundi.

Microfinance Program in Burundi
Microfinance Program in Burundi

With a dedication to instigating positive change at the grassroots level, this program actively seeks innovative projects that propel Microfinance into a key driver for poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic development.

By providing financial resources and nurturing entrepreneurial initiatives, the Microfinance Program envisions uplifting the livelihoods of individuals and communities throughout Burundi.

Objective and Overview

The Microfinance Program in Burundi invites proposals to stimulate economic empowerment and financial inclusion in the country. The program aims to support innovative microfinance projects that alleviate poverty, promote entrepreneurship, and foster sustainable economic development. By providing financial resources and encouraging entrepreneurship, the Microfinance Program aims to enhance the livelihoods of individuals and communities in Burundi.

Eligible Countries and People

This call is exclusively open to individuals and organizations operating within Burundi. Eligible applicants include local entrepreneurs, Microfinance institutions, and community-based organizations dedicated to driving positive economic change at the grassroots level.


Prospective applicants should note the submission deadline, typically [17-Mar-24]. Timely submissions are crucial to ensure consideration for funding.

Funding Amount

The organization must provide co-financing greater than or equal to the requested budget, which is less than or equal to 50,000 USD, for the PMF-GEF.


  • Financial Support for Microfinance Initiatives:

Proposals selected for funding will receive substantial financial support, providing a valuable resource to execute and sustain microfinance projects that align with the program’s goals.

  • Contribution to Poverty Alleviation:

The program focuses on innovative microfinance projects designed to actively contribute to poverty alleviation, offering opportunities for economic upliftment at both individual and community levels.

  • Empowerment of Local Entrepreneurs:

Through the encouragement of entrepreneurship, the Microfinance Program empowers local entrepreneurs to establish and grow sustainable businesses, fostering economic independence.

  • Enhancement of Financial Literacy:

Successful projects have the potential to enhance financial literacy within communities, promoting a deeper understanding of economic principles and responsible financial practices.

  • Overall Economic Development:

The program envisions contributing to the comprehensive economic development of Burundi by supporting microfinance initiatives with a positive and lasting impact on local economies.

  • Inclusive Economic Growth:

Microfinance, as promoted by the program, contributes to inclusive economic growth by providing financial opportunities to a diverse range of individuals, including local entrepreneurs and marginalized communities.

  • Community Resilience:

Microfinance project support enhances community resilience in the face of economic challenges, fostering sustainability and self-reliance among local populations.

  • Local Engagement and Empowerment:

The call explicitly targets individuals and organizations within Burundi, promoting local engagement and empowerment to drive meaningful economic change within the country.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

  • Legal Registration:

Applicant organizations must register and be recognized as legal entities in Burundi.

  • Microfinance Experience:

Demonstrate a proven track record and experience in conducting microfinance operations.

  • Financial Stability:

Maintain financial stability and solvency while demonstrating the ability to manage funds effectively.

  • Alignment with Program Objectives:

Proposals should align with the objectives and focus areas outlined in the Microfinance Program.

  • Community Impact:

Showcase a commitment to positively impact local communities through microfinance initiatives.

  • Capacity Building:

Demonstrate the capacity to implement and manage microfinance projects efficiently.


Unfortunately, certain individuals and projects are not eligible for consideration. These include:

  • Unregistered Entities:

Entities that are not registered or recognized are ineligible to apply.

  • Lack of Microfinance Experience:

Organizations without a sufficient track record in microfinance operations may be deemed ineligible.

  • Financial Instability:

Entities lacking financial stability and the ability to manage funds may be considered ineligible.

  • Misalignment with Program Objectives:

Proposals that do not align with the specified objectives of the Microfinance Program may face disqualification.

  • Limited Community Impact:

Proposals not demonstrating a clear commitment to positively impacting local communities may be ineligible.

  • Insufficient Capacity:

Organizations without the demonstrated capacity to effectively implement and manage microfinance projects may be deemed ineligible.

How to Apply

Applying for the Call for Proposals: Microfinance Program in Burundi – Step-by-Step Guide::

  • Visit the Official Website:

Head to the Microfinance Program’s official website in Burundi at [https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=98203].

  • Review Program Details:

Get acquainted with the Microfinance Program’s details, including objectives, focus areas, and eligibility criteria.

  • Prepare Proposal Documents:

Collect the necessary documents for your proposal, such as a comprehensive project outline, organizational details, and financial statements.

  • Check Eligibility:

Make sure your organization meets all eligibility criteria outlined in the Call for Proposals.

  • Complete Application Form:

Fill out the application form available on the official website. Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Attach Required Documents:

Include all necessary documents with your application, such as the project outline, organizational details, and any other specified materials.

  • Submit Application:

Submit your completed application and attached documents through the designated channels, which may involve online submission or specific email contacts.

  • Confirmation and Tracking:

Await confirmation of your submission and retain any tracking or confirmation details provided.

  • Check Deadline:

Be aware of the submission deadline. Refer to the official website or contact program administrators for the most current information.

  • Stay Informed:

Regularly check the official website for updates, announcements, and any additional information regarding the Call for Proposals.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants should prepare the following documentation:

  • Project Proposal:

A detailed overview of the proposed microfinance project, including objectives, target audience, and expected outcomes.

  • Budget Proposal:

A transparent budget indicating how the requested funds will be utilized to implement and sustain the microfinance initiative.

  • Legal Registration:

Documentation confirming the legal registration and existence of the applicant in Burundi.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Clarity of Purpose:

Clearly articulate the purpose and goals of the microfinance project, emphasizing its potential impact on the local community.

  • Sustainability:

Showcase the sustainability of the proposed initiative, detailing how it will continue to benefit the community beyond the funding period.

  • Community Engagement:

Highlight community engagement strategies, demonstrating the involvement and support of the target audience.

In conclusion:

The Microfinance Program’s Call for Proposals in Burundi offers an opportunity for local entrepreneurs and organizations to contribute to economic development. Applicants are encouraged to submit well-crafted proposals aligned with the program’s objectives, ultimately aiming to build a more economically resilient and inclusive Burundi.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program contribute to poverty alleviation?

The program actively contributes to poverty alleviation by focusing on innovative microfinance projects that provide opportunities for economic upliftment at both individual and community levels.

Is there a focus on enhancing financial literacy?

Yes, successful projects have the potential to enhance financial literacy within communities, promoting a deeper understanding of economic principles and responsible financial practices.

What happens if a proposed project doesn’t align with the microfinance focus?

Proposals that don’t align with the program’s focus on sustainable and impactful microfinance projects may not be considered for funding.



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