UNAOC/BMW Group Intercultural Innovation Hub 2024 (Up to $20,000 Grant) | Apply Now!

Leading the way in tackling intercultural obstacles through social advancements, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group, with the backing of Accenture, are excited to introduce the 2024 iteration of the Intercultural Innovation Hub.

UNAOC/BMW Group Intercultural Innovation Hub

Through this initiative, we aim to build connections between diverse communities, support grassroots organizations, and amplify innovative approaches that contribute to creating inclusive societies.

UNAOC/BMW Group Intercultural Innovation Hub

They are calling on grassroots organizations that champion intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, and understanding to submit their projects for consideration. Successful applicants will receive comprehensive support to enhance the impact of their initiatives.

The Intercultural Innovation Hub will be selecting up to 10 projects that tackle xenophobia, hate speech, violent extremism, gender equality, the use of sports, art, and culture for social transformation, and the promotion of inclusive and unified communities.


Chosen awardees will receive:

  • Funding for long-term development: Each selected finalist will be granted up to USD 20,000 to enhance the sustainability of their project and amplify its impact.
  • Comprehensive training program throughout the year: Winners will also have access to a year-long series of workshops, personalized mentoring, and specialized support from UNAOC and the BMW Group, with backing from Accenture.
  • Inclusion in a global leadership community: Recipients will be able to broaden their reach, collaborate with fellow change-makers, and participate in local and international events as part of a worldwide leadership network.

Eligibility Requirement

Organizations looking to enter the competition must meet all the following requirements to be considered eligible:

  • Organizations must be registered as non-profit entities, such as NGOs, charities, research institutions, labor unions, indigenous groups, faith-based organizations, professional associations, foundations, or local government branches.
  • Applicants must have been operational for at least two years before March 2024, with a funding base and established project implementation. Organizations must show non-profit registration in their country by March 2022 or earlier.
  • Applying organizations should be running a project aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and creating diverse and inclusive societies, and be open to expanding their impact. This could include initiatives in gender equality, combating xenophobia and hate speech, and using sports, arts, and culture for social change and inclusion.
  • The organization must be willing to collaborate with UNAOC, the BMW Group, and Accenture to expand the project’s reach.
  • Organizations that have previously received support from UNAOC are not eligible for the Intercultural Innovation Hub.
  • Projects that were not chosen in past Intercultural Innovation Hub editions may reapply, but organizations that participated in the UNAOC Marketplace of Ideas or BMW Group Awards in the past cannot apply.

Selection Criteria

Projects that are selected to move forward will be assessed based on a comprehensive set of standards. These standards encompass three main areas:

The Project

  • Appropriateness: is suitable for the intended audience and the local environment, considering the project’s necessity, challenges posed by COVID-19, and its focus on a specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).
  • Depth: thoroughly examines problems and implements a consistent intervention strategy.
  • Clarity: establishes clear objectives and logically connects activities, outputs, and outcomes.
  • Creativity: goes beyond conventional methods and stands out for its innovative approaches (such as using social media, arts, or new training techniques).
  • Measurability: the project’s impact can be quantified through metrics like the number of beneficiaries, polls on attitude change, or assessment of behavioral changes.
  • Sustainability: displays the potential to be maintained in the long term.
  • Replicability: has the potential to be duplicated and expanded in various environments. This is a crucial aspect of evaluation.

The Organization

  • Capability: the structure can effectively accomplish project goals.
  • Diversity: exhibits a commitment to fostering inclusive and diverse communities, as evidenced by past reports or references.
  • Planning and budgeting: presents a realistic budget for scaling or replicating the project.
  • Transparency: shows genuine efforts towards transparency in operations.
  • Equality: demonstrates a dedication to equality and diversity in staff, membership, and activities.

The Application

  • Clarity: effectively communicates ideas with relevant examples.
  • Conciseness: provides clear and succinct responses.
  • Persuasiveness: includes compelling arguments and engaging storytelling.
  • Overall, successful projects will demonstrate clear communication, concise responses, compelling arguments, and innovative approaches to make a meaningful impact.

How To Apply For UNAOC/BMW Group Intercultural Innovation Hub 2024

Application Deadline

March 25, 2024.

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