Innovation Journey (IJ) Program For AgTech Startups & Companies 2024 (Up to $25,000 Grant) | Apply Now

The Innovation Journey (IJ) program offers a chance for advanced Israeli ag-tech firms and Ethiopian agriculture stakeholders to collaborate and develop partnerships for testing out new technologies, to benefit Ethiopia’s agriculture industry and its small to medium-sized farmers.

Innovation Journey (IJ) Program For AgTech Startups & Companies

The Innovation Journey (IJ) is a project under JDC’s TOV (Tikkun Olam Ventures) agriculture development program, which harnesses Israeli expertise and technology to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Ethiopia. IJ will support the growth of the TOV program in Ethiopia by collaborating with new partners, operating in more areas, and impacting more farmers.


Israeli companies chosen will have the chance to:

  • Apply for a $25,000 grant to start a partnership and trial
  • Gain insights into the agricultural environment in Ethiopia and other developing markets
  • Investigate the particular market needs of small and medium-sized farmers
  • Develop business models tailored for the “Base of the Pyramid”
  • Participate in discussions with pertinent partners in the industry seeking collaborations.

For Ethiopian participants in the program, they can access:

  • The opportunity to apply for a $25,000 grant to establish a partnership
  • A supportive environment to investigate pertinent innovative technologies
  • The ability to meet objectives through integrating new technologies into their operations
  • Collaboration with Israeli innovative tech companies
  • Engagement in discussions with relevant partners in the industry seeking collaborations.

Eligibility Criteria

For stakeholders in Ethiopia:

  • Current engagement in Ethiopia with small to medium-scale farmers
  • Involvement or significance related to one of our chosen Focus Topics (crop protection, post-harvest, market connections)
  • The desire for technological discussions
  • Capability to execute a pilot project or engage in collaboration if there is a fit.
  • Willingness to participate in the program’s matchmaking activities (approximately 4-6 hours spread over 3-4 months), and appointing a knowledgeable contact person to oversee communication throughout the program.

For Israeli companies

  • An Israeli company that is officially registered
  • A company offering a product/technology-based solution
  • A company with a proven concept and established sales in at least one market
  • Eagerness to tailor their product to suit the requirements of the small and medium-scale farming sector in Ethiopia
  • Willingness to participate in the program’s training sessions (approximately 25 hours over 2 weeks) and matchmaking activities (8-12 hours over 3-4 months).

How to Apply

For Israeli cadidate, Click here to apply.

For further information visit the official website of Innovation Journey (IJ) Program    

Application Deadline

March 14, 2024.

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