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The Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP), is inviting applications for the Incident Emergency Fund (IEF) 2024 edition. The organization offers support to human rights defenders under digital threat, they also work to strengthen local rapid response networks.

Incident Emergency Fund (IEF)

Established in 2011 by the Freedom Online Coalition, the Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP) focuses on supporting individuals and organizations at the forefront of defending human rights in the digital realm.

The partnership provides emergency response and sustainable protection funding, emphasizing the strengthening of local rapid response networks.

Benefits of the Incident Emergency Fund

  • Financial Support Up to €10,000: The Incident Emergency Fund (IEF) offers financial support of up to €10,000 to eligible applicants.
  • This funding aims to directly mitigate the risks and impact of digital attacks, empowering recipients to continue their work.
  • Duration and Quick Response: The Incident Emergency Fund covers activities for a maximum of four months, to ensure sustained support during critical periods. DDP is committed to prompt responses, aiming to address requests within two weeks of submission.

What Does the Incident Emergency Fund (IEF) Cover?

  1. Hardware and Software Replacement: In the face of theft, loss, or confiscation, the IEF allows for the replacement of damaged hardware or software.
  2. Enhanced Digital Security Measures: The fund supports the purchase of more secure hardware and software, including the costs related to their installation.
  3. Responding to Urgent Issues: Technical and non-technical activities aimed at responding to urgent issues, such as internet blockages, fall under the purview of the IEF.
  4. Comprehensive Security Measures: The IEF extends support to measures enhancing physical security related to information management and digital security. This includes strategies to address the psychological and psychosocial impacts of digital threats.

Who Can Apply for IEF?

The Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP)  has a specific focus on diverse target groups, including women, feminist and LGTBQIA+ organizations, land and environmental rights defenders, journalists, and others disseminating information to the public.

Regional teams define target groups for each call.

DDP acknowledges the diverse linguistic areas and processes applications submitted in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. For those opting to submit in another language, contacting DDP facilitates the exploration of secure solutions.

Application Process

The application process for Incident Emergency Fund 2024 involves the following steps:

Step 1. Take the Eligibility Test

Step 2. Create an Account

Step 3. Submit Your Proposal

Step 4. Response and Screening: DDP promptly screens applications, initiating the evaluation process.

Step 5: Review and Due Diligence: Thorough review and due diligence are conducted to assess the merits of each proposal.

Step 6. Determination

Step 7: Approval: Successful applicants receive approval, for the Incident Emergency Fund.

Download the IEF application guide (pdf) at

For more information, visit Digital Defenders Partnership at

Application Deadline:

Ongoing Opportunity

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the evaluation of IEF applications take?

DDP strives to respond within two weeks of proposal submission. The timeline may vary based on the volume of proposals and internal processes.

Does our organization need to be legally constituted to apply?

Not necessarily. DDP conducts internal referencing processes for vetting, and accommodating a range of organizational structures.

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