Cyber Incident Response Planning & Management for IT Executives

This workshop introduces participants to the present threat landscape and guides them in identifying, managing, and responding to cyber incidents.

Cyber Incident Response Planning & Management for IT Executives
Cyber Incident Response Planning & Management for IT Executives

About this Event

This workshop includes:

  • Cybersecurity Concepts
  • Threat Modeling & Monitoring
  • Installing/Configuring SIEM tools
  • Incident Response Planning, Management & Reporting

And much more.

Cyber Incident Response Planning & Management for IT Executives is a strategic imperative in today’s dynamic digital landscape. This comprehensive approach equips IT executives with the tools and knowledge to effectively navigate and mitigate the impact of cyber incidents on organizational assets.

Proactive Preparedness

The program emphasizes a proactive stance, equipping IT executives with knowledge and skills to anticipate and assess potential cyber threats. This ensures a state of readiness, enabling swift and effective responses when incidents occur.

Threat Landscape Understanding

Participants gain deep insights into the dynamic cyber threat landscape, staying abreast of the latest tactics employed by cyber adversaries. This knowledge is pivotal for informed decision-making and the development of robust response strategies.

Identification and Classification

Executives are trained to swiftly identify and classify cyber incidents, allowing for a targeted and efficient response. This involves recognizing the nature and severity of incidents to implement appropriate countermeasures.

Real-time Monitoring

The workshop covers techniques for real-time monitoring of IT environments, enabling executives to detect anomalies and potential security breaches promptly. Timely detection is crucial for minimizing the impact of cyber incidents.

SIEM Tools Utilization

Installation and configuration of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are explored, providing executives with practical skills to enhance their organization’s ability to monitor and analyze security events.

Structured Incident Response Planning

Executives are guided through the development of structured incident response plans tailored to their organization’s unique challenges. This includes establishing clear roles, responsibilities, and communication channels during a cyber incident.

Effective Management Strategies

The workshop equips IT executives with management strategies for orchestrating a coordinated and efficient response to cyber incidents. This involves decision-making processes, resource allocation, and communication protocols.

Comprehensive Reporting

Participants learn the importance of comprehensive incident reporting. This not only aids in understanding the incident’s impact but also provides valuable insights for continuous improvement of the organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Incident Response Planning & Management for IT Executives stands as a cornerstone in fostering a resilient and adaptive cybersecurity culture within the leadership ranks of an organization. By imparting the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the cyber landscape, this program contributes significantly to safeguarding assets, reputation, and overall operational integrity. Executives who undergo this training emerge well-prepared to lead their organizations through the challenges posed by an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Date and Time

December 13 · 9am – December 15 · 4pm WAT


The bunker Lekki

Admiralty Road Lagos, LA 106104

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