Splunk: What Does Splunk Software Do

SPLUNK Enterprise Security is basically a security information and event management solution which has to a great extent enabled security teams to quickly detect and respond to attacks that may be external or internal. They are mainly responsible for minimizing risk and safeguarding businesses.



The Splunk incorporation which is an American public multinational corporation mainly produces software for the searching, monitoring, and the analyzing of machine-generated big data through the use of a web style interface

What Does Splunk Software Do?

The Splunk software basically captures indexes and correlates real-time data in a searchable form through which it can easily generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations. Splunk is used for application management, security, and compliance, as well as business and web analytics.

Is Splunk Easy To Learn?

All courses in spunk can easily be accessed online, but you must know that it basically requires time and dedication to learn any skill, so it is easy to learn Splunk provided you can dedicate your time and attention to it

Why Is Splunk So Expensive?

Splunk is expensive because it is a proprietary tool and its pricing is in synchrony to how much you invest into it, which in other words means that the more data you consume, the more it will cost you.

Is Splunk A SIEM?

Splunk Enterprise Security is a SIEM system that mainly makes use of machine-generated data to obtain operational insights into threats, vulnerabilities, security technologies, and identity information.

Who Are Splunk Competitors?

Apart from Splunk, there are lots and numerous incorporations that can offer the services Splunk offers. These incorporations basically compete with Splunk in all areas, below are some of Splunk competitors and alternatives

  1. LogRhythm.
  2. IBM.
  3. Elastic.
  4. Exabeam.
  5. FireEye.
  6. McAfee.
  7. Sumo Logic.
  8. AT&T Cybersecurity

The above are some of the applications or incorporations that highly compete with Splunk.

How Do I Run Splunk Locally?

For those who want to run Splunk locally, all you need to do to successfully run Splunk locally is to;

  1. Go to Splunk.
  2. Click the Windows button:
  3. Select whether you would like to install the 32-bit or 64-bit version
  4. After the download finishes, double-click the installer file
  5. Choose whether to install Splunk using a local system account or a domain account

How Do I Start Splunk?

Making use of Splunk is quite simple and straightforward, for those who want to start making use of Splunk, you can do so in the below ways

  1. Use the Windows Services control panel.
  2. Use the Splunk Enterprise executable.
  3. Open an administrative command prompt.
  4. Change the path to %SPLUNK_HOME%\bin.
  5. Type: Splunk [start|stop|restart]

The above are the simple ways you can easily and efficiently run or  start Splunk

How Do I Remove Apps From Splunk?

To remove apps from Splunk, all you need to do is to Remove the directory of the application that you want to remove and restart Splunk, and if you want to delete an app simply remove the app from $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps and restart Splunk.

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