How to Withdraw a Visa Application

If for any reason you do not wish to continue with your travel plans maybe you have been presented with a better option or the reason for your travel no longer holds, you can withdraw your visa application.

How to Withdraw a Visa Application

How to Withdraw a Visa Application

Withdrawing will discontinue your application process and immigration officers will remove your application from their catalog but how do you go about it? This guide is here to help, if you wish to withdraw your visa application, follow the steps in this guide.

Visa withdrawal process

When you apply for a visa, you initiate a legal procedure that aims at helping you move from your current country of residence to another. Withdrawing your application involves formally discontinuing this process. Properly following the necessary steps ensures that your application is withdrawn without any legal complications, preserving your immigration record.

Contact the Consulate or Embassy

The first step you need to take to initiate the visa withdrawal process is to contact the consulate or embassy where you submitted your visa application. You need to initiate contact as soon as you confirm that your journey won’t happen anymore.

Contacting the embassy may take time, you may need to attempt multiple times before you succeed, this is due to the volume of calls they receive. Be patient when trying to reach the embassy.

Once connected, clearly state your intention to withdraw your application. Provide your full name, application number, and passport details for verification purposes.

Draft a written request

In some situations, after your conversation with the embassy, you need to submit a formal written request. Your letter should be concise, yet comprehensive. Address it to the appropriate authority at the consulate or embassy.

In the letter, clearly state your intention to withdraw your application, you need to provide all relevant details: your name, application number, passport information, and the type of visa you applied for.

Explain your reason for withdrawal if you choose to disclose it, and keep the tone formal and respectful.


“Dear [Consulate or Embassy Name],

I am writing to formally withdraw my visa application. My name is [Your Full Name], and my application number is [Application Number]. I applied for a [Type of Visa] on [Date of Application]. Due to unforeseen circumstances [or briefly explain your reason, if applicable], I am unable to proceed with my travel plans. Therefore, I kindly request the withdrawal of my visa application.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Full Name]

[Your Contact Information]”

Returning the visa sticker (if applicable)

If you have already been issued a visa sticker that is attached to your passport, you need to return it along with your withdrawal request. This step signifies the official cancellation of your visa.

Include a photocopy of the visa sticker for reference, ensuring there are no misunderstandings about the type and validity of the visa.

Follow-up and documentation

After submitting your withdrawal request and visa sticker (if applicable), you can decide to follow up with the consulate or embassy to confirm receipt. Though this step is not mandatory, it is important.

Following up will help you to make sure that your withdrawal request is processed properly and that you won’t encounter any issues in the future.

You can also go the length of maintaining records of all communication, including dates, names of the officials you spoke with, and any reference numbers the officials provided for you.

There is not much stress in withdrawing your visa application, you just need to communicate your intention to withdraw your visa application with the embassy, write a written request if demanded, and follow up.

Your request should contain your details and the reason for your withdrawal if you wish to share.

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