Easiest Countries to Immigrate to Without a Degree

Oftentimes, a degree or its equivalent is required when you want to migrate to a foreign country, most countries want you to present your educational certificate as part of the immigration process, and this makes it impossible for those without a degree to move to their desired countries.

Easiest Countries to Immigrate to Without a Degree

But what if I told you that there are countries that are ready to accept you without a degree? They are ready to allow you to come into the country, live, and work without a degree, sounds impossible, right?

Easiest Countries to Immigrate to Without a Degree

If you wish to explore other countries, maybe in Europe, South America, or Asia and you don’t have the required degree, below are the easiest countries you can migrate to without a degree


Canada is known for its inclusive immigration policies. They have numerous immigration pathways and some are open for people without a degree, if you are a skilled worker and you don’t have a degree, you can still migrate to Canada through the Express Entry system as long as you have substantial work experience or any recognized certificate.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another pathway that allows provinces to nominate individuals based on their skills and work experience. You can be nominated through this pathway.

New Zealand

If you don’t mind heading to New Zealand (many call the country, the worker’s paradise), then you are in luck, the country’s skilled worker visas are perfect for you even without a degree. Through the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), you will be assessed based on your work experience, age, and job offers. If you meet the criteria, you can enjoy the Kiwi way of life in the country.


Another country that you should consider is Australia, well that’s if you can cope with wildlife like having snakes around the house and many other reptiles.

Australia’s General Skilled Migration (GSM) program opens its doors to skilled workers, though having a degree can boost your chances, it’s not mandatory. Points are allocated based on work experience, language proficiency, and other skills, giving you a fair chance at starting anew in the country.


Germany’s shortage of skilled workers has led to favorable immigration policies for non-degree holders. If you have a vocational qualification and a job offer, you can apply for a German work visa. The country has a strong economy and high quality of life making it an attractive option on the list if you don’t mind somewhere in Europe.

United Arab Emirates

Many call the UAE, the hub of opportunities. The UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is a thriving business hub. If you are a skilled worker with proven years of experience, especially in sectors like hospitality, construction, and healthcare, you are in high demand here.

Many positions do not require a degree; instead, experience and expertise are valued. The UAE offers various visa options such as the long-term Golden Visa that you can take advantage of.


Singapore is known for its excellent healthcare and education systems and it also welcomes skilled workers without degrees. The country’s S Pass and Employment Pass schemes assess applicants based on their experience, skills, and job offers, you don’t need a degree but if you have one, it can make it easier for you.

If you possess specialized skills, especially in sectors like IT, engineering, or healthcare, Singapore will be your ideal destination.


Our neighbor to the south, Mexico, has a relatively straightforward path to residency if you can prove you have sufficient income to support yourself. You don’t necessarily need a degree rather; you must prove financial stability.

With their Temporary Resident Visa, people with family connections are allowed into the country to establish themselves.


Norway’s booming economy has created a demand for skilled professionals, workers of all levels of experience are in high demand in the country. While proficiency in Norwegian can be a plus, many positions, particularly in technical fields, value experience and expertise over formal education, and this can work in your favor.

Norway’s emphasis on work-life balance and high living standards is the reason why you should consider the country, it has everything you need.


Portugal is not only famous for its stunning landscapes and rich history but also its friendly immigration policies. Do you have the money? The Golden Visa program allows you to obtain residency by investing in the country. No degree is necessary, just a qualifying investment in real estate or job creation. If you have the cash involved, you are welcome to Portugal.


If you are looking for a place to retire and you don’t have any form of degree, you have a great option in Ecuador. Ecuador’s retiree visa, known as the Pensioner Visa, is an excellent option for those looking to retire comfortably without a degree.

If you can show proof of a steady income source (like a pension), you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and cultural richness of Ecuador.


Panama has a visa option that is designed to attract citizens from certain countries, including the United States and Canada into the country and all you need to do is to establish economic ties in the country, such as starting a business. A degree is not a requirement.


Even though a degree will add more points to your chances of migrating to another country, it is not a mandatory requirement for some countries. You can still achieve your dream of moving to another country without a degree.

The countries mentioned above offer promising opportunities for you if you are a skilled worker, they value experience, expertise, and dedication over your degree. You can study each country and understand the country that presents you with the best option. That will be your ideal country.

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