FSM Women’s Community Grant: Call for Expression of Interest

The Australian Embassy in the FSM announces a special Women’s Community Grant supporting gender equality initiatives, aligned with the nation’s commitment. This one-time community grant seeks to empower women’s organizations and others dedicated to gender equality in FSM.

FSM Women's Community Grant
FSM Women’s Community Grant

The grant aims to address issues raised at the FSM National Women’s Conference and aligns with the 2023 theme of ‘UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls.’ Through this Call for Expression of Interest (EOI), the grant seeks projects uplifting women’s well-being and advancement in FSM.

Application deadline

Submit all applications by midnight on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. All EOIs will be handled confidentially.

Grant Objectives

The objectives of this grant are as follows:

  • Empowerment: Foster projects that empower women in various aspects of their lives, including education, economic opportunities, and community engagement.
  • Community Development: Support initiatives that contribute to the overall development of communities in FSM, with a focus on the pivotal role of women.
  • Health and Wellness: Encourage projects that address women’s health and wellness, promoting access to healthcare, awareness, and preventive measures.
  • Education and Skill-building: Prioritize projects that enhance women’s educational opportunities and skill development, enabling them to thrive in diverse fields.

Expression of Interest Process

  • Project Concept: Interested individuals or organizations are invited to submit a concise project concept outlining the key objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes.
  • Alignment with Objectives: Ensure that the project aligns with the grant’s objectives and demonstrates a clear focus on empowering and uplifting women in FSM.
  • Community Impact: Highlight how the proposed project will positively impact the community, emphasizing the role of women as catalysts for positive change.
  • Feasibility: Provide an overview of the project’s feasibility, including a realistic timeline, budget, and resources required for successful implementation.

Grant Amount

Successful applicants can receive funding of up to USD 20,000 for projects lasting up to 24 months in any of the four FSM states: Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, and Yap.


Legal women’s groups and non-governmental organizations in FSM dedicated to advancing gender equality are eligible to apply. Proposals demonstrating a collaborative partnership approach will be highly considered, and joint applications maximizing project impact are encouraged.

As a general rule, the following costs will NOT be funded:

  • Start-up capital or seed money
  • Micro-credits and loans
  • Staffing or sitting fees
  • Fundraising, donations, or prizes
  • Household effects and personal items
  • Applications from private individuals
  • Construction of major facilities or infrastructure
  • International or domestic travel, study tours, training expenses
  • Meetings, seminars, or conference attendance
  • Activities for religious or political purposes
  • Scholarships
  • Major sporting tournaments or cultural displays without clear development benefits
  • Purchases of vehicles, trailers, machinery (e.g., tractors, outboard motors, boats)
  • Items of a recurrent nature (e.g., spare parts, supplies, maintenance, repairs, equipment replacement, gasoline, oil, salaries, and wages).

Application Process for FSM Women’s Community Grant

To initiate the application process, complete the online application available at [FSM Women’s Community Grant Application Portal](https://dap.smartygrants.com.au/FSMWomen).

  • Submission Deadline: Ensure that all applications are submitted by midnight on Wednesday, 31 January 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • Confidentiality: All Expressions of Interest (EOIs) will be handled with strict confidentiality, respecting the privacy of applicants and their proposed projects.
  • Contact Information: For additional information or inquiries, please contact:
  • Kanye Rikin,
  • Senior Program Manager,
  • Australian Embassy – Federated States of Micronesia
  • Email:[Kenye.Rikin@dfat.gov.au](mailto:Kenye.Rikin@dfat.gov.au)
  • Phone: (691) 320-5448

Documentation and Requirements for FSM Women’s Community Grant

To apply for the FSM Women’s Community Grant, ensure you complete the following steps:

  • Application Form: Fill out the online application form at https://dap.smartygrants.com.au/FSMWomen before the deadline. Provide accurate information in all sections.
  • Project Proposal: Prepare a detailed project proposal outlining objectives, methodologies, expected outcomes, and sustainability plans. Clearly explain how the project will empower women in the community.
  • Budget Plan: Provide a transparent budget breakdown showcasing how the grant funds will be utilized for the project.
  • Timeline: Present a timeline highlighting key milestones and activities, demonstrating the project’s feasibility and expected progress.
  • Organizational Information: Include details about your organization, its mission, previous projects, and experience relevant to women’s empowerment.
  • Partnership Agreements: If applicable, include any partnership agreements or support letters from relevant stakeholders or organizations involved in the project.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: Outline how you plan to monitor and evaluate project progress with measurable indicators and reporting mechanisms.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensure your proposal adheres to legal and ethical standards, addressing any necessary regulatory compliance.
  • Sustainability Plan: Describe how the project will be sustained beyond the grant period, considering community involvement and long-term partnerships.
  • Submission Requirements: Follow the specific submission guidelines provided in the call for proposals, including format specifications and deadlines.

FSM Women’s Community Grant Selection Process

The selection process for the FSM Women’s Community Grant follows these key stages:

  • Application Review: Applications undergo a comprehensive review to assess alignment with grant objectives, feasibility, and adherence to submission requirements.
  • Evaluation Panel: Experts and stakeholders form an evaluation panel to assess projects based on impact, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement.
  • Shortlisting: A shortlisting process identifies applications with the strongest potential for positive impact and successful implementation.
  • Interviews or Clarifications: Some applicants may be invited for interviews or clarification sessions to provide additional insights into their projects.
  • Final Selection: A holistic evaluation determines the final selection, considering all aspects of the applications. Successful applicants are notified, and grant details are discussed.
  • Announcement: Public announcement of selected projects is made, highlighting initiatives to receive the FSM Women’s Community Grant.

Grant Impact

The FSM Women’s Community Grant seeks to empower women, promote community development, and create a positive impact on the well-being of FSM.


This invitation for interest is a chance for people and groups to support the progress of women in FSM. Through creative and impactful project ideas, applicants can play a key role in bringing positive changes to communities and building a brighter future for women in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one project proposal?

Check the grant guidelines for restrictions on the number of proposals an organization can submit. Some programs may limit submissions to ensure fair consideration.

What if my project isn’t selected for funding?

If your project isn’t selected, seek feedback from the evaluation process to improve future proposals. Monitor future calls for opportunities to reapply and consider addressing any received feedback.

How can I increase my application’s chances of success?

To enhance success, thoroughly read and follow the grant guidelines. Ensure your proposal aligns with the grant’s objectives, provides clear project details, and adheres to submission requirements.



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