FedEx is Reportedly Set to Launch a New E-Commerce Platform to Rival Amazon

FedEx is reportedly set to launch a new e-commerce platform to rival Amazon. The firm says that its new platform will help various businesses offer a “custom post-purchase experience.”

FedEx to Launch a New E-Commerce Platform

FedEx to Launch a New E-Commerce Platform

FedEx today announced  that it will be launching a new “data-driven commerce platform” this fall dubbed fdx that the company says will give online merchants “end-to-end e-commerce solutions.” The new platform of the firm is aimed at helping businesses effectively manage their supply chain, sell to customers, and lastly, manage deliveries.

The firm in its announcement wrote that fdx will reportedly combine existing FedEx commerce tools, such as access to members of ShopRunner, an e-commerce marketplace FedEx bought back in the year 2020, with sports debuting in the fall such as the ability to help create a “custom post-purchase experience” so that brands can give customers more accurate shipment information or utilize insight from the shipment network data of FedEx for order management.

What FedEx’s Global Relations Manager Has to Say about the Recent Development

FedEx’s global relations manager, Christina Meek, revealed to The Verge in an email that FedEx is not in the marketplace business and that the company is offering businesses “digital capabilities and insights” while they control their customer experience.

FedEx Competes In Logistics with Amazon

The new platform as you should know comes as the firm competes in logistics with Amazon which is a company that FedEx has seen as a threat to its business for many years now. FedEx back in 2019 frowned on the idea to renew a contract to fly Amazon cargo through FedEx Express, amazon in the late part of that very year forbade its sellers from making use of FedEx for Prime deliveries during the holiday seasons, thus blaming declining performance, a said ban that it reportedly lifted in the coming year.

FedEx Losing Ground to Amazon

The FedEx firm as you should know has on its own end been losing ground to Amazon, as has UPS too so much that Amazon reportedly made more home package deliveries in the US in the year 2022 than either of the two firms. That as you should know is just a couple of years just after the online retail company built up logistics operations that majorly utilize third-party contractors that are tightly controlled and that Amazon has insisted are not its employees.



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