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The FedEx Business Model is one of the largest and most successful delivery company, which comes to you as FedEx Express. However, they provide you with several different other services that determine their revenue. Right in this article tagged as the FedEx Business Model, you will get to know more about how their platform works.

FedEx Business Model

FedEx Business Model

FedEx is an American courier company that works as a delivery service, which has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. It is known as one of the largest delivery companies in the world, as it delivers to over 200 countries in the world.

What is its business model? Well, you should know that this platform has been able to grow through its mobile acquisitions. And in this article, you will get an overview of the FedEx Business Model. The FedEx company provides you with services, which include transportation, eCommerce, and other business services through other subsidiaries.

This company has its headquarters in Memphis and has got over 325,000 employees. With this, they have been able to provide you with their different operating segments.

FedEx Business Services

Still, on the FedEx Business Model, you should note that they are four main segments, which form the whole operating service of the company. In this part of this article, you will get to know the segments through which they offer their services out to you.

  • FedEx Express – this is one of the largest express transportation firms in the world
  • FedEx Freight – a provider of the less – than truckload, which is services in the US
  • The FedEx Ground – this is the ground package system, which is a small – package ground delivery services in North America
  • FedEx Corporate Service – it is also known as the FedEx services and provides sales, administrative, technology support, marketing, office support to other segments, and communication

In addition to this, the FedEx services also provide customers with the retails access to FedEx Express and Ground shipping through the FedEx Office and Print Services. They also offer customer service, technical support and billing, and other collection of service.

FedEx Company Profile

In this article tagged as the FedEx Business Model, we will also be looking at the FedEx corporation is a holding company, which provides a portfolio of eCommerce, transportation, and other business services. It operates through the following segments that include; FedEx freight, FedEx Express, FedEx services, FedEx ground, and others.


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