How to Earn Money in Google Play – Selling Apps on Google Play | In-App Advertising

How to earn money in Google play?  Mobile apps are often used all around the world. There are billions of smartphone users around the world and that includes both android and iPhone users. Considering the volume one might even imagine the number of apps available on Google play. These apps range from simple ones that help find a nearby location to more complex ones.

How to Earn Money in Google Play

How to Earn Money in Google Play

Google play holds a lot of opportunities for one to earn money. And in this article, there will various ways on how to earn money in Google play regardless of where you leave. Google Play is one of the world’s leading app stores today and it keeps growing mainly because android users are more than iOS users. Google play store is where they securely buy their apps. Here are some ways to earn money from Google play.

Online Survey

Shocking isn’t it. You may wonder what online survey has to do with Google play, well Google play offers hundreds of apps from reputed market research companies that operate globally, regionally or even within your country. So when you download those apps and complete the necessary options you will earn from Google indirectly. These apps will be paying you Google credits.

Selling Apps on Google Play

The most direct way to make money from Google play would be selling your app and if you want users to prefer your paid app over free alternatives you will need to offer a much better service than them. And if you have found a way to make users prefer your app then you will be making money directly from Google play.  Though this method is not always successful you will need to focus on a particular problem of your customers to target.

Testing Google Play Apps

Regardless of whether you are a software geek or not you can test apps before they get posted on Google play. With these companies posting the app will pay you money for testing it and providing honest reviews. The feedback helps companies launching a Google play app to eliminate glitches while adding more features that would be desired by users. Since these apps are for the common folks, not software geeks the companies are willing to pay for your honest opinions.

In-App Purchases

This is a very common method of generating money with your app. They are used mostly in games and other entertainment apps offering items like new characters, game cash, character outfits and more. With this method, you can keep your app free for download and enjoy but still make money with it.  If your app is not a game you can still use this method by making certain features premium.

In-App Advertising

Many apps are doing this nowadays. This method allows you to provide your app for free to the users and therefore you can get many more users to download and try out your app. Unlike the in-app purchase method, users will not need to pay for anything in the app. Just saying no in-app purchases in your app can make more people download your app.

With these few methods, you will be able to make money in Google play


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