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The European Parliament Traineeships 2024 is a golden opportunity to grab if you’re a determined and brilliant mind seeking to gain advanced skills and practical experience. The European Parliament offers Schuman Traineeships, a paid program available at their official workplaces in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, or Liaison Offices in Member States.

European Parliament Traineeships

European Parliament Traineeships

This program is a unique opportunity to enrich your educational knowledge and gain vocational training skills. Schuman Traineeships cover a wide range of fields, including finance, administration, law, multilingualism, communication, IT, infrastructure, logistics, and EU internal and external policies.

This international traineeship program is a tribute to journalists like Jan Kuciak, the Slovak investigative journalist, who lost their life in the line of duty.

The Schuman Recruitment and Development Program

For high-performing Schuman trainees, the European Parliament offers the Schuman Recruitment and Development Program. This initiative aims to provide continuous working experience with the Parliament after completing the traineeship.

To become part of the Schuman Recruitment and Development Program, candidates need to pass competency tests, as a demonstration of their suitability and motivation. If you’re looking to join a dynamic, multilingual, and inclusive organization with excellent career development opportunities, this program is for you.

Benefits of European Parliament Traineeships

  • Traineeship opportunities with Members of the European Parliament
  • Receive a monthly grant between Euro 912 and Euro 1495.
  • Insights into the workings of EU institutions and the European Parliament/Secretariat.
  • A chance to understand decision-making at the EU level.
  • Gain Practical insights into the political debate within the forum.

Eligibility Criteria

Schuman Traineeships:

  • Age 18 or above.
  • National of an EU Member State.
  • Nationals of non-member states may be offered limited traineeships.
  • Possession of a university-level diploma.
  • Proficiency in one of the official EU languages.
  • Good command of English, German, or French for non-member state nationals.
  • Not previously worked with any EU body for over two consecutive months.
  • Not benefited from any other EU traineeship for over two consecutive months.
  • No visits to the Secretariat of the European Parliament within six months before the traineeship starts.

Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament:

  • Age 18 or above.
  • National of an EU Member State.
  • Nationals of non-member states may be offered traineeships, subject to visa requirements.
  • Possession of a university-level diploma or secondary school certificate.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a minimum of one of the official EU languages.
  • No prior contractual or working relationship with any EU body.
  • Not part of any other EU traineeship.
  • Not a parliamentary assistant to an EU Member.

How to Apply

Schuman Traineeships:

  • Visit the official traineeship application page on the European Parliament’s website.
  • Apply for up to three traineeships.
  • Create your account.
  • Click “Apply online.”
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Upload the required documents once you’re logged in
  • If selected, you’ll receive an Admission letter via email.

Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament:

  • Candidates must directly contact Members of the European Parliament.

Official link:

Application Deadline

October 31, 2023.

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