Equatorial Guinea Is Working to Pass a Cybersecurity Law

Equatorial Guinea’s parliament has taken significant steps towards passing a cybersecurity law, aimed at addressing growing digital threats and safeguarding the nation’s digital landscape.

Equatorial Guinea Is Working to Pass a Cybersecurity Law
Equatorial Guinea Is Working to Pass a Cybersecurity Law

Equatorial Guinea Is Working to Pass a Cybersecurity Law

Equatorial Guinea has taken significant strides towards enacting a cybersecurity law, with its parliament recently accepting articles defining computer crimes and other cyber offenses, along with associated penalties and fines.

During sessions presided over by the institution’s president, Gaudencio Mohaba Messu, the legislative panel reviewing the draft law made progress in defining computer-related crimes, which also encompass regulations regarding the use of social media.

According to a government statement, the draft law primarily addresses crimes impacting the integrity of computer systems, including unauthorized access to computer systems, programs, or data, as well as the illegal interception of communication.

Moreover, the legislation covers offenses related to computer fraud, such as computer espionage to illicitly obtain sensitive personal or confidential public data, and breaching restricted or protected computer systems without authorization.

Cybersecurity Law Underscore its Commitment to Addressing Evolving Cyber Threats

The government emphasized that the cybercrime section of the draft law encompasses a wide range of offenses.

It said: “The cybercrime section covers, among other things, offenses related to impersonating or taking over the computer identity of another person, unauthorized disclosure of information stored on a computer or technological device, unlawful use of personal data, unauthorized transfer of public information classified as confidential, violating computer systems or data, or endangering the security of the sovereignty of the State.”

This legislative move is significant amid rising concerns raised by industry experts about the escalating cyber threats facing the African digital landscape.

Kaspersky, a prominent cybersecurity firm, has warned of increasingly diverse and complex cyber threats, driven by the adoption of modern technologies like artificial intelligence and exacerbated by geopolitical and economic volatility in regions including the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa.

Equatorial Guinea’s efforts to enact a comprehensive cybersecurity law underscore its commitment to addressing evolving cyber threats and safeguarding its digital infrastructure and citizens against malicious activities in cyberspace.



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