Nigeria May Face Another Internet Disruption Later Today

Nigeria may face another internet disruption later today. Remember yesterday the telecommunications union in Nigeria threatened strike due to some reasons, and due to that, Nigerians may just be facing yet another internet disruption in the later parts of today.

Nigeria May Face Another Internet Disruption Today

Nigeria May Face Another Internet Disruption Today

The telecom workers’ union, known as the Private Telecommunications and Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PTECSSAN), is getting ready for a strike starting today, April 4, 2024.

They’re taking this step because they feel workers are not being treated fairly by subcontractors hired by Huawei, a big telecommunications company.

PTECSSAN claims that companies like Reime Group and Allstream Energy Solutions are making workers work long hours without proper security measures in place. This isn’t the first time the union has brought up these concerns. They gave Huawei a warning about similar issues back in May 2023, but not much has changed since then.

No Dialogue yet On the Matter

Despite trying to talk things over with the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the union says they haven’t been able to have meaningful discussions with anyone involved.

What to Expect If the Strike Happens

If the strike happens, it could cause problems with telecom services all across Nigeria. This adds to the difficulties Nigeria has already faced with its Internet system. Just last month, there were Internet problems in Nigeria and other African countries because of damaged cables under the sea. This caused big losses for the economy.

PTECSSAN Wants Fair Treatment for Telecom Workers

PTECSSAN wants fair treatment for telecom workers and has been trying to sort out issues like workers’ rights and negotiating agreements. They’re asking Nigerians to be ready for possible disruptions and hope that telecom workers will be treated better in the future.



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