Mogo Collaborates With Roam To Help Push Electric Motorbikes in Kenya

Mogo collaborates with Roam to help push electric motorbikes in Kenya. Kenyan asset finance firm is reportedly joining forces with Roam, a local electric vehicle developer, in a bid to get more electric motorbikes on Kenyan roads.

Mogo Collaborates With Roam in Kenya

Mogo Collaborates With Roam in Kenya

They’re making it easy for folks in Kenya to get their hands on Roam’s electric bikes by setting up 20 spots in stores across the country. And to sweeten the deal, they’re offering financing options to help buyers save money and increase their daily earnings by up to 30%.

Even Mogo, a company, is joining in on the electric bike trend by purchasing these bikes for its employees.

How Roam’s Chief Commercial Officer Feel About This Partnership

Roam’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mikael Gånge, is excited about this partnership. They’re eager to reach out to the growing market of bodaboda (motorbike taxi) riders who are looking to switch to electric bikes, especially with rising petrol prices.

Rauls Leitis from Mogo also sees potential in the electric motorbike market, especially with Roam’s innovative products that allow customers to charge up at home or at Roam hubs.

Roam’s Development since Its Inception Back In 2017

Since its founding in 2017, Roam has been making moves. With $24 million from its recent Series A funding round, Roam is ready to expand quickly and ensure that people all over Kenya can access their electric bikes.

Demand and Supply for Electric Bikes

Despite the increasing demand for electric bikes, there’s still not enough supply to meet it. But Roam has big plans, aiming to produce a whopping 50,000 electric bikes per year at their East African facility. This could change the game in a market with over three million bodaboda riders.



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