Meta Quest Will Now Allow Users to Customize Their Home Virtual World

Meta Quest will now allow users to customize their home virtual world. The company is now rolling out the v54 update for the Meta Quest together with a new Skybox for your home environment. The update as you should know also adds support for notifications for 2D apps.

Meta Quest Home Virtual World

Meta Quest Home Virtual World

Meta has got a new update for its Meta Quest VR headset, and the update in question includes new features such as the ability to change up your home environment’s Skybox with a custom image, receive push notifications for 2D apps, and many other items such as controller improvements. The features as you should know come in the new version 54 of the Quest’s software, which is set to roll out now to all headsets.

The new Custom Skybox View feature allows you to bring your very own high-resolution images down to your home environment as a VR backdrop and it finally allows you to teleport somewhere that is not part of the default set. It’s quite unfortunate that it is just experimental for now, so visiting friends are not going to be able to see what you have up, although, if someone decides to make their very home a dark room that is lined with a menagerie of porcelain clowns, their Quest friends are however not going to want to check that out.

How to Enable the New Feature

Custom Skybox View as you should know is designed to accept 360-degree JPG or even PNG images with a 6144 x 3160 resolution. You can easily enable it by going to Experimental Settings > Personalization tab and then scrolling down to the bottom of the Virtual Environment page.

The new 2D app notification feature in question allows for push notifications from non-VR apps, such as Messenger, to easily appear in the headset. Post-update, you will be prompted by the 2D app to allow notifications when you get to launch it. Compatible 2D apps also will now be able to appear in the Quick Actions menu, and its notifications on the other hand can be detailed, such as showing a photo of the Facebook user in a friend request notification or even a sender’s text in Messenger.

Other Updates Added With the New Feature

You also can consolidate messages that are from the same source to have a more organized feel or just easily shush them all in Do Not Disturb mode. Follow requests also will now be grouped together at the top part of your notifications.

There is also a host of other items that are added to v54 of the Meta Quest release. The update in question includes some tweaks to the Meta Quest controller that normally should improve the accuracy of tracking as well as make playing Beat Saber very much less frustrating.

Physical Space Setting Consolidation and Others

Some other items that come with this update include Physical Space setting consolidation, availability of avatar mirror in more environments, the integration of filter/sort apps in App Library directly into search, as well as improvements to the ability of the headset to remember boundaries. And the Light theme of the headset has graduated from experimental down to the main system settings which is a move that the new Custom Skybox View feature might get to make if it gets popular enough.



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