Empowering Women Through the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant

For the twenty-fourth year in a row, Canon and Visa pour l’Image will award the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant to a talented photographer for their impactful work in photojournalism.

Women Through the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant
Women Through the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant

The grant is €8,000 and will support a new project that will be displayed at the 2025 festival. This year, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, last year’s grant winner, will capture the civilian perspective of war in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region

Type: Grant

Eligible Applicants: Individuals from all countries are welcome to apply. Deadline of Canon Female Photojournalist Grant

The deadline to apply for the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant is May 21, 2024.

Benefits of Canon Female Photojournalist Grant Application

The Canon Female Photojournalist Grant for 2024 offers €8,000 to support a fascinating new project. This project will be showcased as an exhibition at the 2025 festival.

Eligibility Criteria 

To apply, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Have completed at least one photo report (published or unpublished).
  • Be a professional photojournalist.
  • Be able to communicate in French and/or English, both in writing and speaking.

Application Process for the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant Application

You can start the application process online by visiting the official website at https://www.visapourlimage.com/files/49cb6831/downloadcanonfemalegrant2024.pdf

Documentation Requirements 

To apply, you’ll need to submit:

  • A completed application form that you’ve signed.
  • A copy of your ID card or passport.
  • A sworn statement confirming you’re a professional photojournalist (can be written by you, your agency, or a newspaper).
  • Your CV.
  • A letter supporting your application with a brief description of your photojournalism project (maximum one page). This letter must be anonymous and should not reveal your identity.
  • An estimated budget for your photojournalism project, if you receive the grant. If other partners are involved in funding the project, they need approval from Canon and Images Evidence.
  • A photojournalism report consisting of 10 to 20 pictures in either black and white or color. Image specifications: JPG format only, low-resolution, with captions in the File Info field (no copyright mention in IPTC files), maximum file size: 3 MB each. Number the picture files without mentioning your name (01, 02, 03, etc.), in the order you want them presented to the jury.

Tips for Successful Application 

  • Clearly articulate the significance of your project and why it deserves support.
  • Showcase your previous work to demonstrate your skills and experience in photojournalism.
  • Make sure your project proposal aligns with the objectives of the grant.
  • Provide a detailed budget that accurately reflects the expenses for your project.
  • Double-check your application for any errors or inconsistencies before submitting.

Conclusion: The Canon Female Photojournalist Grant provides crucial support and recognition to female photojournalists, promoting gender equality and amplifying diverse voices in media.


Can men apply for the grant?

No, this grant is exclusively for female applicants.

How many projects can I submit?

Each applicant can submit only one project proposal per grant cycle.

Can I submit a project I’ve already started?

Yes, you can submit ongoing projects as long as they meet the eligibility criteria and align with the grant’s objectives.



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