Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 – Advancing Mental Health Research

During youth, people encounter various stressors that can harm their mental health, potentially leading to mental illness. Research shows that about half of all mental disorders appear before age 15, with 75% arising by age 18. Alarmingly, suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 29 worldwide.

Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 - Advancing Mental Health Research
Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 – Advancing Mental Health Research

Consequently, mental health issues present a significant challenge among youth globally. Early detection and intervention for major mental disorders like psychosis, anxiety, and depression can help reduce lifelong negative effects on individuals, families, and society.

The Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation) is launching an important project to identify and address key stressors affecting the mental health and well-being of youth in selected countries across Africa (Senegal, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania), Latin America (Colombia and Ecuador), Asia (India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam), and Romania.

Type: Grant

Deadline of Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024

Submit your proposals for the Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 before the deadline, which is [April 19, 2024, at 17:00 East Africa Time], to be eligible for funding.

Focus Areas for Science Africa BEING Grants

This call aims to fund long-term primary research aimed at identifying and addressing knowledge gaps concerning the impact of new stressors on the mental health of young people. Research should align with one of the listed stressors.

We encourage interdisciplinary and comprehensive research and expect applicants to show how they will utilize a variety of expertise in their proposed programs.

Please note that this call does not support implementation research. We are looking for innovative groups that will create their pertinent research programs.

Benefits of Science for Africa BEING Grants

Recipients of the Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 will enjoy several advantages, such as:

  • Financial backing to carry out their research projects. Applicants should plan a core budget of USD 2.4 million for a maximum of 3.5 years (42 months).
  • Access to networking events with mental health experts and stakeholders.
  • Recognition and visibility for their contributions to mental health research in Africa.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange with other grant recipients and research institutions.

Eligibility Criteria for Science for Africa BEING Grants

To qualify for this funding opportunity, applicants must meet the following six (6) eligibility criteria:

  1. Lead applicant eligibility
  2. Co-applicant eligibility
  3. Lead institution eligibility
  4. Partner institution eligibility
  5. Collaborating institution eligibility
  6. Consortium eligibility

Application Process of Science for Africa BEING Grants

Application Process for Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Go to the Science for Africa website to access the application portal: [](

  • Understand the Requirements:

Review the guidelines and eligibility criteria thoroughly before starting the application process.

  • Gather Necessary Documents:

Collect all required documentation, including a detailed research proposal, curriculum vitae, letter of support from the applicant’s institution, and budget.

  • Fill Out the Application Form:

Complete the online application form with accurate and comprehensive information about the proposed research project. Access the form here: [](

  • Submit Before the Deadline:

Ensure that you submit your application before the specified deadline to be considered for funding.

Documentation Requirements of Science for Africa BEING Grants

Applicants for the Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 must submit the following documentation:

  • Research proposal outlining project objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes
  • Curriculum vitae or resume of the principal investigator and key project personnel
  • Letter of support from the applicant’s institution or university
  • Budget detailing anticipated expenses for the research project
  • Any additional supporting materials relevant to the proposal

Tips for Successful Application of Advancing Mental Health Research

These are the tips for successful application of Advancing Mental Health Research:

  • Clearly articulate the significance of the research project and its potential impact on mental health outcomes in Africa
  • Provide a detailed and well-thought-out research plan, including clear objectives and methodology
  • Demonstrate project feasibility, including resource availability and expertise for project execution
  • Ensure the budget aligns with the project scope
  • Seek feedback from colleagues or mentors to strengthen the proposal before submission

In Conclusion

The Science for Africa BEING Grants 2024 is a great chance to advance mental health research in Africa and improve mental well-being for individuals and communities. These grants support innovative research projects and empower researchers and institutions, aiming to bring positive changes and transform mental health care in Africa. They provide resources and support to those dedicated to tackling mental health challenges and promoting well-being across the continent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are graduate students eligible for Science for Africa BEING Grants?

Yes, graduate students from recognized research institutions or universities in Africa can apply.

Can research projects involve international collaborations?

Yes, collaborations with international partners are encouraged if they improve research quality and impact.



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