Exploring PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024 – Opening Doors for Biochemists in Africa

Despite advancements in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Africa, economic challenges persist. Collaborating with global molecular life scientists is vital for research and education.

Exploring PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024
Exploring PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

Partnering with top labs in FEBS countries can boost activities in Africa. African researchers excel given the right environment. International experience for PhD students, postdocs, and fellows can enhance capacity building in Africa.

The maximum award is EUR 7,000 (EUR 2,000 for travel and EUR 5,000 for living expenses). Open to applicants from all African countries.

Type: Fellowship

Deadline of PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

Applicants need to submit their proposals for the PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024 before the deadline on May 1st, 2024.

Objectives of PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

They are as follows:

  • Supporting PhD students from African countries affiliated with FASBMB for short research stays (1-6 months) in FEBS country labs to work on their thesis. The number of awards depends on available funds.
  • Assisting African postdocs and new researchers (within 5 years of PhD) affiliated with FASBMB for 1-6 months in FEBS country labs for specialized experiments, collaboration, or advanced training. The number of awards depends on funding availability.

Benefits of PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

Recipients of the awards will receive up to EUR 7,000 to cover travel and living expenses for research visits lasting 1-6 months in FEBS countries. This includes approximately EUR 2,000 for travel costs and EUR 5,000 for living expenses. The travel costs cover economy airfares, incidental expenses related to travel, local bus fares to and from the airport, and visa fees. However, the awards do not include health insurance, damage insurance, or research expenses at the host lab.

Award Conditions:

  • Awards cover travel and living expenses in the host lab’s FEBS country for research visits lasting 1-6 months.
  • Travel should start within six months of receiving the award, with host labs providing funds for longer stays.
  • Applicants must declare all other support received for the visit; awards cannot supplement fully funded visits.
  • Awards do not cover courses, symposia, meetings, or congresses.
  • Eligibility: Residents of FASBMB member countries affiliated with FASBMB, Ph.D. students, postdocs, or researchers within five years of their Ph.D.
  • Exceptions allowed for justified delays (maternity leave, prolonged illness, etc.).
  • Within 3 months of completing the fellowship, awardees must submit a brief scientific and budget report and acknowledge program support in all outputs.

Who is Eligible for PROBio-Africa Fellowships?

PROBio-Africa Fellowships welcome African researchers associated with recognized institutions or universities in Africa. This opportunity is available to researchers at all career levels, from aspiring scientists to experienced scholars, dedicated to advancing biochemistry research in Africa.

Selection Process of PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

The process includes:

  • One call for applications annually in early spring.
  • Information about the program will be circulated through FASBMB, FEBS, and IUBMB networks.
  • FEBS will handle application processing and pass them to a six-member Committee.
  • The Committee comprises two members from FEBS, two from IUBMB, and two from FASBMB.

A panel of biochemistry experts will evaluate all applications using the set criteria. Shortlisted candidates may undergo interviews for further assessment of their suitability for the fellowship.

Selection criteria include:

  • Quality of research proposal
  • Recommendation letter from supervisor/mentor/head of department
  • CV with publications
  • Official academic transcript (for Ph.D. students)
  • Proficiency in English or the host lab’s language
  • Scientific outputs of hosting supervisor
  • Expertise, mentoring, infrastructure, and research funds in the host lab to support the proposed plan.
  • Funds will be transferred to the awardee upon arrival in the host country.

Application Process of PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

To apply for PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website at https://iubmb.org/activities/fellowship-programs/probio-africa-fellowships/ to access the application portal.
  2. Prepare the following documents in English:
  • A brief research proposal (up to two pages, single-spaced) covering:
  • Project outline and experiments
  • Reasons for choosing a specific lab and duration
  • Budget breakdown in EUR, including all financial support sources
  • Short CV and publication list
  • Certificate showing membership in a FASBMB Constituent Society
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Recommendation letter from a supervisor or mentor highlighting the award’s benefits
  • Agreement letter from the host lab, stating their contribution to visit costs
  • List of supervisor’s publications and ongoing projects
  • Supervisor’s membership certificate with FEBS affiliation

Make sure all documents meet the specified guidelines before submitting your application.

Tips for Successful Application of PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024

Here are some tips for a successful application to Opening Doors for Biochemists in Africa:

  • Clearly explain the importance of your research proposal and how it contributes to the progress of biochemistry in Africa.
  • Present a thorough and achievable research plan, outlining clear goals and methods.
  • Showcase how your research can make a difference in addressing important biochemistry challenges or opportunities.
  • Make sure your budget is practical and matches the scale of your proposed research.

In Conclusion

The PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024 provide African biochemists with a great opportunity to advance their careers and drive scientific innovation in Africa. These fellowships offer financial support, resources, and international collaboration opportunities, empowering researchers to pursue innovative biochemistry projects. Our goal is to foster a vibrant research community and address key biochemistry challenges in Africa. Together, we can create pathways for biochemists in Africa and promote scientific progress for the benefit of all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees for applying to the fellowships?

No, there are no application fees for the Exploring PROBio-Africa Fellowships 2024.

When will applicants be notified of the fellowship selection results?

Applicants will receive notification of the selection results via email within a specified period after the application deadline.



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