Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

The Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025 offers a unique opportunity for organizations and individuals in Wales to collaborate on development projects with partners in Africa.

Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025
Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

This grant scheme is focused on promoting sustainable development and fostering mutual learning between Wales and various African countries. In this article, we will explore the specifics of the grant scheme, including application procedures, eligibility requirements, benefits, and key tips for a successful application.

Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

The grant scheme is open to projects that involve partnerships between entities in Wales and African countries. While the scheme does not limit the eligible African countries, projects in regions facing significant development challenges may receive priority consideration. Eligible applicants from Wales include registered charities, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, local authorities, and community groups. African partners can include similar organizations, government agencies, community-based groups, or academic institutions actively involved in development efforts.

Grants ranging from £3,000 to £15,000 are available for approved projects. This funding can support a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development and fostering collaboration between Wales and Africa. If you are interested in applying for the Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025, be sure to carefully review the application procedures, eligibility criteria, and tips provided in this article to increase your chances of success.

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The application deadline for the Exploring the Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2024/2025 is 15th April 2024.

Theme for Exploring the Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

The Exploring the Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme focuses on four key themes for projects, they are:

  1. Health:
  • Supporting mental and physical health in African communities.
  • Examples: Sharing knowledge and skills between health institutions in Wales and Africa, providing training for healthcare professionals in Africa, and improving access to quality healthcare.
  1. Lifelong Learning:
  • Empowering individuals or groups in Wales and Africa with skills and knowledge.
  • Examples: Connecting Welsh and African communities for global understanding, supporting education for disadvantaged children in Africa, and promoting practical/vocational/artistic skills.
  1. Climate Change and Environment:
  • Addressing environmental challenges and climate change impacts in Africa.
  • Examples: Helping African farmers adapt to climate change, promoting renewable energy use, raising awareness in Wales about African climate issues, and supporting sustainable development practices.
  1. Sustainable Livelihoods:
  • Creating realistic and sustainable economic opportunities in Wales and Africa.
  • Examples: Supporting income-generating cooperatives, advocating for Fair Trade, promoting sustainable consumer-producer relationships, and aiding small-scale agricultural projects.

Benefit of Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

The benefits include:

  • Funding Opportunities: Grants ranging from £3,000 to £15,000 are available. Contact WCVA at walesafricagrants@wcva.cymru for queries outside this range.
  • Capacity Building: Engaging with the scheme can improve organizational capacity in project planning, implementation, and reporting.
  • Networking and Partnerships: Participation in the scheme enables networking with organizations in Wales and Africa, fostering potential partnerships for future projects.
  • Impactful Projects: Accessing the grant allows organizations to execute impactful projects addressing education, health, environmental sustainability, and economic development.
  • Promotion of Wales-Africa Relations: Funded projects contribute to positive relations between Wales and African countries, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Development: Supported projects often align with sustainable development goals, leading to long-term positive outcomes for communities in Wales and Africa.

Eligibility Criteria of Exploring the Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

To qualify for funding, applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Projects must align with the grant scheme’s goals and priorities.
  • Applicants need to show a genuine partnership between Wales and African entities committed to project success and sustainability.
  • Projects should outline plans for capacity building, knowledge sharing, and lasting impact.
  • Financial sustainability beyond the grant period must be demonstrated, including a detailed project budget.
  • Organizations partnering with Sub-Saharan African entities can apply for grants ranging from £1,000 to £20,000

All applications must focus on these four themes:

  1. Health
  2. Lifelong Learning
  3. Climate Change and Environment
  4. Sustainable Livelihoods

How to Apply for Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

Here are the steps to apply:

  • Register with WCVA’s Multipurpose Application Portal (MAP) if you haven’t already.
  • Log in to MAP using your username and password if you are a returning user.
  • Visit map.wcva. Cymru to register as an organization.
  • Complete the online application and upload a filled project profile spreadsheet.
  • For detailed guidance, refer to the full scheme guidance document available at https://wcva.cymru/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/01-WA-applicant-guidance-2024.pdf

Documentation Requirements for Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

Applicants need to provide these documents with their application:

  • Project proposal outlining objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes.
  • Budget breakdown with financial plan and co-funding sources if applicable.
  • Partnership agreement between Welsh and African partners.
  • Organizational profile and governance structure of applicant organizations.
  • Any other required documents mentioned in the guidelines.

Tips for Successful Application 

To increase the likelihood of a successful application, consider the following tips:

  • Clearly explain project need and impact on Wales and Africa.
  • Show strong partnerships between Welsh and African partners.
  • Create a realistic budget aligned with project activities.
  • Include evidence of community involvement.
  • Highlight sustainability plans for long-term impact.


The Welsh Government Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025 provides a valuable opportunity for collaboration between Wales and Africa. It supports projects addressing development challenges for mutual learning and sustainable impact. Applicants should follow guidelines, submit well-planned proposals, and show strong partnerships and community engagement. For details, visit the official website.

FAQs for the Wales & Africa Grant Scheme 2025

What is the application deadline?

Check the official website for the deadline updates.

Are there duration restrictions for funded projects?

Project durations vary based on scope and objectives.

Can individuals apply for funding?

Both individuals and organizations can apply if they meet eligibility criteria and have partnerships with Wales and Africa.



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