The Apple App Store Alongside Other Apple Products Were Down Globally

The Apple App Store alongside other Apple products such as Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music were down globally. A reported outage took out many Apple services on i{Phones, iPads, and Macs globally on Wednesday night.

The Apple App Store Down Globally

The Apple App Store Down Globally

Apple experienced an online services outage on Wednesday night, disrupting access to the App Store, Apple TV, and Apple Music for many users. The issue, which started around 6:31 PM ET, also affected other services like Arcade, Audiobooks, Books, Podcasts, Fitness Plus, and the new Apple Sports app.

Reports of problems began appearing on Downdetector shortly after 6 PM ET.

Fortunately, Apple swiftly resolved the outage, with all services listed as back online by 7:35 PM ET. While the @AppleSupport account on X did not provide a reason for the issues, users were directed to check the status page for updates.

What Happened During the Outages

During the outage, users encountered difficulty updating or installing apps, streaming TV shows, or playing music. While Apple doesn’t typically experience serious outages, this incident occurred shortly after a global outage affecting WhatsApp and other Meta services like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.

The Verge has reached out to Apple for further information on the outage and will update this post accordingly.

The Effect of Such Outages

It’s important to note that such outages can disrupt users’ daily routines and highlight the reliance on online services for entertainment, communication, and productivity. For Apple users, the outage serves as a reminder of the occasional technical hiccups that can occur with even the most reliable platforms.

However, the swift resolution of the issue demonstrates Apple’s commitment to resolving disruptions and restoring service for its customers.



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