All Foldable Phones Might Have Their Biggest Issue Resolved Soon

News says All Foldable Phones Might Have Their Biggest Issue Resolved Soon. So the foldable phones companies are trying ways to solve their biggest issues in other to flood the mobile market. There’s currently a rumor on the ground that Foldable phones may soon have their biggest issue solved.

Foldable phones have come a long way in the few years they’ve been around, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 being a truly great handset.

All Foldable Phones Might Have Their Biggest Issue Resolved Soon

When foldable phones first appeared on the scene, their high prices and occasional durability issues meant they were an expensive luxury for the few but several years down the line, they were now considered as some of the best phones currently available.

But they still face two significant issues: price, and the dreaded crease, the latter of which may soon be solved.

LG Chem has unveiled a ‘Real Folding Window’ material which is designed for foldable screens. This would sit on top of the pixels, in much the same way as Samsung’s Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) does on its current foldable. but the thing is that, were they able to convince people.

All Foldable Phones Might Have Their Biggest Issue Resolved Soon

So, the question is can they really resolve the biggest issue that foldable phones might have, hmmm I wonder? While folding phones are generating major buzz and being heralded as the future of smartphone design, they have a few obstacles to jump before they’re truly ready for prime time.

Sky-high prices and technical growing pains are not unusual for new directions in tech, and most early adopters understand that. But the evidence that foldable smartphones have a major durability problem is rapidly mounting. To make matters worse, folding phones are proving extremely difficult and expensive to fix.

How’s the Software Ecosystem Optimized for Foldable

Android has built-in ‘Screen Continuity’ support, and so developers won’t have to go through an awful lot of trouble to optimize their apps for foldable displays. Simply put, it’s the feature by which an app could smoothly and seamlessly transform to and fro the different screen sizes.

Google is already encouraging developers to add Screen Continuity, Multi-resume, and Multi-display support to their apps to make the transition to foldable phones smooth. Below are the main issues people want to be solved before they can comfortably use foldable phones;

  • The Crease; There’s no getting around the crease when you fold a screen in half. From afar, the crease running down the middle of the fully-opened display on the Galaxy Fold is hardly visible. But up close, which is how you’ll be using it, you’ll definitely see it. And once you do, you won’t be able to see it.
  • The Durability; with the crease comes the question of durability. Samsung was super gung-ho about the hinge on the Galaxy Fold. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like the most beautiful hinge on a foldable screen so far (unlike the hideous wrinkly bend on the Royole FlexPai), but how many unfolds will it be able to endure? How durable is a display that you’ll fold and unfold hundreds of times a day? It’s bad enough to have a single dead pixel on a screen on a $1,000 phone. What happens if the pixels along the crease start to die? Can any phone maker guarantee the pixels along a screen’s crease will be good for years to come? What about using a case? How does casework on a foldable phone?
  • The software; Man, oh, man is the software for foldable phones not ready. Sure, Google has already thrown its full support for Android on foldable devices, but that doesn’t mean squat. If the spectacular failure of Android tablets has taught us anything, it’s that third-party developer support is extremely crucial to a form factor’s success.
  • The Battery; Phones just started getting big enough batteries to last almost two days and now you want to take a step back all because you want a slightly larger, creased screen? Thanks, but no thanks.

With the listed problems solved, I guess foldable will be able to flood and even overtake the mobile market, but I guess it won’t be easy right. You can get more details by simply clicking here.


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