Content Creators in Kenya and Nigeria to Start Earning On Facebook and Instagram

Content creators in Kenya and Nigeria to start earning on Facebook and Instagram. Meta, the parent company of our favorite social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram will now let content creators in Nigeria monetize their content on the platforms via options and features that are expected to roll out completely by June 2024.

Content Creators Nigeria to Start Earning On Facebook

Content Creators Nigeria to Start Earning On Facebook

Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, revealed plans for content creators in Nigeria and Kenya to monetize their content on Facebook and Instagram during a visit to President Bola Tinubu in Abuja.

This initiative is part of Meta’s efforts to empower creators across Africa, following the successful landing of 45,000km of subsea cables in Lagos and Uyo in February 2024. These cables are expected to deepen connectivity, leading to an estimated $37 billion increase in economic activity across the continent over the next few years.

In Nigeria, content creators will soon be able to earn money from their content on Instagram and Facebook through features like “ads in-stream” and Instagram Gifts. The project is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2025, providing creators with new opportunities to monetize their work and connect with users from other countries.

Kenya Content Creators to Start Earning From Meta in June 2024

Similarly, in Kenya, President William Ruto announced that qualified creators will have the chance to earn from their Facebook and Instagram content starting in June 2024. This follows a trial program and a recent agreement between Meta and the Kenyan government.

Creators in South Africa and Egypt are already part of Meta’s Facebook Creator Programme, and in February 2022, Meta announced plans to enable content creators in 20 sub-Saharan African countries to create and earn from Facebook Reels, including Nigeria and Kenya.



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