Best Ways to Earn Money easily on No Man’s Sky

As a fan of the No Man’s Sky video game, you would want to learn the best ways to earn money easily on the game. No man’s Sky is a game filled with tons of stuff to see, do, unlock and purchase. From your own autonomous mech suit to an entire alien settlement you can manage, and beyond – but if you must experience it, you need three things: time, crafting materials, and units. Lots and lots of units.

Best Ways to Earn Money easily on No Man’s Sky

Best Ways to Earn Money easily on No Man’s Sky

If your goal is to purchase a new starship without having to spend tons of resources fixing up something that you discovered at a crash site, take up command of a freighter and manage a small fleet of frigates, or you can choose to upgrade your stuff without having to rely on random component drops, money is key.

Especially at the beginning of the game where you have at most a couple hundred thousand units at hand when what you want is about tens of millions.

Depending on where you are, there are a limited amount of ways to get cash when you are starting out, like gathering platinum from asteroid belts or visiting a sentinel-heavy planet where valuable Gravitino balls are scattered throughout the landscape like shells found on a beach.

These methods need a fair amount of time and effort to maintain. it is not ideal for you to explore the galaxy when you do not have enough experience of what the game is offering. And this is where automated mining comes in.

Getting Started

To acquire the ability to set up a mining facility actually does not take much time, probably around three to six hours of playtime in a new game, depending on just how much you choose to push forward and just how much you choose to stay on task), so this is not a quick solution if you are just about to start out, but once it gets set up it’s a fairly effortless way for you to make millions every time you start up the game.

First, you would be required to speed through the tutorial sections as fast as you can until you are able to access the anomaly. Also, you need to make sure that you are gathering as much ferrite Dust copper (Which you would need to work your way through your early tasks. This will all be extremely important for your setup.

Sometimes, you can acquire Nanites by completing tasks for several NPCs or by interacting with some environmental objects that are in buildings. But the best way to get your hands on them is from Damaged Machinery. Similarly, once you are in possession of the Terrain Manipulator attachment for your MultiTool (you should get this halfway through the tutorial segments), you should watch out for Buried Technology Modules as you would find salvage data on them.

If you yield to the instructions of the game up to this point, you should at least be in possession of everything you required to set up your very first mine. Though having access does not necessarily mean that you would be able to unlock everything you need immediately.

What you Would Need

You require at least 21 salvage data and 440 Nanites for the most basic setup, but, if you want to have a truly hands-off mine that you would not have to fuel regularly you would actually want to save up to around 39 salvage data.

First, head over to the anomaly’s construction research Station, which is sitting right in the middle of the starship and exosuit Station, and make use of the Salvage Data to get the mineral Extractor (10), Supply Pipe (1), and supply Depot(10). You actually can stop there if you don’t mind making use of a Biofuel reactor (which actually would have been unlocked via the tutorial by now) to get your equipment powered up, but it would need a lot of resources (Carbon, Oxygen, etc) to keep it running and if it goes empty, the entire activity will stop.

If what you want is for everything to take care of itself, you would need to get the Solar Panel (8) in order to unlock and get the Electromagnetic Generator(10). You can choose to skip the generator and head straight to unlocking the battery (3) instead of making use of that in conjunction with solar panels. But the generator is really the most effective power source that you can get your hands on.

Then head to Eos at the MultiTool upgrade station and spend Nanites to unlock several plans for the waveform Recycler (120) for you to unlock and buy plans for the survey Device (320). Then be sure to actually install the Survey Device right into your MultiTool (1) Quantum computer, 2 Wiring Loom, 3 magnetic Resonator).

A Basic Mine Setup

Now, this is the best part, where you get to wander around a planet’s surface and survey the area for mineral deposits and electromagnetic fields. You would only be able to scan for these things when you are on foot, so you might actually hop around your ship a few times before you would find a great spot. Make use of the survey device to locate a mineral deposit by following the readout. Once you have found it, you would be able to find the location again using your regular scanner so don’t worry if you lose track of it while in construction.

Set up your Base Computer and establish a base somewhere around a distance of 300u from the Mineral Deposit, because otherwise you would not be able to build any of the necessary structures and you are to make sure the place you want to mine is found right on your base’s borders.

Head back to the mineral deposit and build a mineral Extractor (5 Metal Plating, 100 Chromatic Metal) on the site. Try to build at least one or two supply Depots as well so that your extractor can store more than a mere 250 of what it’s mining. Do not forget to attach the depot(s) to the extractor using supply pipes (25 Ferrite Dust and 10 Carbon each)!

After that, you would be required to set up a power source like the Biofuel Reactor (1 Metal Plating, 25 Oxygen), connect it to the Mineral Extractor, and fill it with fuel. Get more tips Via this Link.


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