If You Wish to Have Verizon’s new 5G Network You Will Need To Have One of These Phones

If you wish to have Verizon’s new 5G network come January 19th, you will need to have one of these phones. Among the first devices and smartphones to have Verizon’s newest network are the latest iPhones and Samsung galaxy’s.

If You Wish to Have Verizon’s new 5G Network You Will Need To Have One of These Phones

If You Wish to Have Verizon’s new 5G Network You Will Need To Have One of These Phones

Finally, Verizon’s 5G network upgrade will be happening on the 19th of January after a two-week delay. And while it may still some time for that to happen, more news and details regarding it and exactly the type of devices you will need in order to make use of the new improved 5G connection and network.

Verizon’s Statement After 5G Launch Delay

The chief officer of Verizon, Kyle Malady on Tuesday revealed to CNET that by the stipulated time the network comes on in two weeks “we estimate upwards of 90%” of its 5G user base will be up and ready to get connected to the C-band network.

Malady said “a lot of devices already have the right software in them. We have been testing the devices, and we have been working with the manufacturers for a long time now so all the software is ready to go.”

List of Devices to First Tap into Verizon’s 5G Network

Some of the early list of devices to tap into the network includes;

  • Apple’s iPhone 12 product line
  • Apple’s iPhone 13 line
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line
  • Samsung’s Galaxy z fold 3
  • Samsung’s galaxy z flip 3

The iPad Pro and iPad Mini which are Apple’s iPads with 5G will also be ready to make use of the network by the time it goes live.

Verizon Acquires C-Band Range to Help With Its 5G

Verizon spent more than $50 billion last year to buy the C-band range. Verizon’s present 5G organization depends on a mix of 5G innovations known as millimeter-wave and low-band range. Millimeter-wave has great execution however essentially restricted inclusion that frequently is just accessible on specific traffic intersections or in select pieces of arenas, air terminals, or fields. Low-band offers solid inclusion, yet its exhibition isn’t unexpectedly identical to 4G LTE.

With the option of C-band Verizon will actually want to add a 5G organization that works in the center, bringing a lot quicker execution than low-band 5G while offering altogether preferred inclusion over millimeter-wave.

On Tuesday the carrier said that it will cover 100 million individuals with the new C-band organization, which will work close by millimeter-wave under its “Ultra-Wideband” marking, when it goes live on Jan. 19.

A spokesperson from Verizon says that other phones such as the Google Pixel 6 line all “receive software updates to enable C-band access in the coming weeks.” The spokesperson added that “going forward every 5G device Verizon sells to postpaid customers will be C-band compatible and we will have more than 20 C-band-compatible devices by the end of the year.”

Other Important Information about Verizon’s 5G

While it is vital to have the right gadget, Verizon additionally necessitates that those wanting to utilize C-band or its millimeter-wave network prefer its more costly limitless plans. This incorporates the Play More, Do More, and Get More choices accessible today just as the older above and beyond unlimited plans it offered a couple of years prior.

Other users on other plans will not be able to make use of C-band and this is even if they have a device at their disposal that supports it.


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