Unveiling the Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) Future Conservationist Award – How to Apply

The CLP Future Conservationist Award is a guiding light for those who aspire to protect the environment. It not only acknowledges their efforts but also provides crucial financial assistance.

CLP Future Conservationist Award
CLP Future Conservationist Award

This award is designed to nurture the growth of emerging conservation leaders by equipping them with the necessary tools to make a significant difference in the world.

In this article, we delve into various aspects of the CLP Future Conservationist Award, such as the types and amounts of grants, eligibility criteria, application requirements, and the positive influence it has on conservation endeavors.

Understanding the CLP Future Conservationist Award

The Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) is an active program that supports the protection of biodiversity by empowering young conservationists worldwide. Established in 1985, the CLP works in collaboration with BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Supporting Early-Career Conservationists

The main goal of the CLP is to find, develop, and invest in the future leaders of conservation. By concentrating on individuals in the early stages of their careers, usually within the first five years, the program aims to fill the important need for support that emerging conservationists often encounter. The CLP acknowledges the crucial role these individuals have in shaping the future of biodiversity conservation.

Goals and Objectives in Promoting Conservation Leadership

The CLP achieves its mission in various ways, which are as follows:

  • Grant Programs: The CLP provides different grant programs, such as the Future Conservationist Award, Follow-up Award, and Leadership Award. These grants offer financial assistance to early-career conservationists, allowing them to carry out impactful projects and initiatives.
  • Training and Capacity Building: Recognizing the importance of developing skills, the CLP offers training and capacity-building opportunities. Workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events equip participants with the necessary tools and knowledge for effective conservation leadership.
  • Mentorship: The CLP promotes a culture of mentorship by connecting awardees with experienced professionals in the field. This mentorship enhances the learning experience for emerging conservation leaders, providing guidance and insights to overcome challenges.
  • Global Network: The CLP facilitates the creation of a global network of conservation professionals. This network encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices, fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Grant Types

The CLP Future Conservationist Award includes three different types of grants, each designed for specific needs in the conservation sector. These grants are:

  • Future Conservationist Award: This grant is meant to support early-career conservationists in implementing their proposed projects. Successful applicants receive funding to carry out their conservation initiatives, which can range from research projects to community-based efforts.
  • Follow-up Award: Building on the success of the Future Conservationist Award, the Follow-up Award provides additional support to previous recipients. This grant helps awardees expand or enhance their ongoing projects, ensuring long-term impact and scalability.
  • Leadership Award: Recognizing the importance of strong and visionary leaders in conservation, the Leadership Award empowers individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. This grant enables further professional development, networking opportunities, and the execution of innovative conservation projects.

Grant Amount for Applicants

The CLP Future Conservationist Award provides grants ranging from $15,000 for Future Conservationist awards, $25,000 for Follow-up awards, and $50,000 for Leadership awards. The grant amounts are determined based on the project’s needs and scope. Applicants can anticipate receiving financial support ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, which greatly enhances their conservation efforts.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the CLP Future Conservationist Award, applicants need to fulfil certain requirements. These requirements usually consist of the following:

  • Early-Career Status: Applicants should be at the beginning of their conservation careers, and have less than five years of professional experience.
  • Project Relevance: The proposed projects must tackle important conservation issues, showing a clear potential to make a positive impact on biodiversity and local communities.
  • Local Collaboration: Particular importance is given to projects that involve working together with local partners and communities, guaranteeing sustainability and cultural sensitivity.

Application Requirements and Process:

To apply for the Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) Future Conservationist Award, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the CLP Website: Start by visiting the official CLP website (https://www.conservationleadershipprogramme.org/). This is where you’ll find all the info you need, like guidelines and application forms.
  • Check if You Qualify: Look at the eligibility criteria for the Future Conservationist Award. Make sure you fit the requirements, like being in the early stages of your conservation career and having a project that helps both nature and local communities.
  • Create Your Project Plan: Make a detailed plan for your project. Explain what conservation issue you want to tackle, your goals, how you’ll do it, and what you hope to achieve. Your plan should match CLP’s goals.
  • Budget Your Project: Figure out how much money you’ll need and what you’ll spend it on. Create a clear budget and a plan for how you’ll carry out your project.
  • Get Letters of Support: Ask for letters of support from people who believe in your project. It could be teachers, community leaders, or others in conservation. These letters show that people trust and support your idea.
  • Submit Your Application Online: Go to the CLP website’s application section. Follow the steps for submitting your application online. Make sure to upload all the needed documents correctly.
  • Meet the Deadline: Pay attention to the application deadline. Submit everything before that date. Late submissions might not be considered.


The CLP uses various documents to manage projects, share information, and engage with stakeholders. These include project plans, grant instructions, financial reports, learning materials, mentoring guidelines, project reports, community communication, impact assessments, agreements with others, rules and policies, award application forms, and the CLP website. These documents cover different aspects of CLP’s work, such as project objectives, grant application procedures, financial reporting, training materials, mentoring guidelines, project reports, community communication, and partnerships. The CLP website offers information on programs, success stories, and contact details. Visit the official website for the most current information.

Positive Impact

The CLP Future Conservationist Award has had a transformative impact on the global conservation landscape. By supporting early-career individuals, the program contributes to biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, and community empowerment. Many past awardees have gone on to become influential figures in the conservation field, highlighting the program’s success in nurturing future leaders.


The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Future Conservationist Award is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of conservation leaders through its grants and selection process, resulting in a positive impact on biodiversity conservation. The growing CLP alumni network further contributes to a sustainable future for our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mentorship program in CLP?

Yes, CLP has a mentorship program that connects awardees with experienced professionals in conservation. The program aims to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights to recipients.

What benefits do CLP award recipients get?

CLP award recipients receive financial support for their projects, training opportunities, mentorship, and access to a global network of conservation professionals. These benefits contribute to their professional development and the success of their initiatives.

 Can I collaborate with local communities on my CLP-supported project?

Absolutely! CLP encourages projects that involve collaboration with local partners and communities. Engaging with local stakeholders ensures the sustainability and cultural sensitivity of conservation efforts.



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