Bad Boys 4 Release Date, Cast, Filming, And Everything We Know So Far

Bad Boys 4 release date, cast, filming, and everything we know so far. If you have seen any of the Bad Boys movies, then you should know how it is when we hear they are about to hit our screens. That said, the Bad Boys are set to make a return for yet another amazing ride.

Bad Boys 4 Release Date

Bad Boys 4 Release Date

The beloved Bad Boys franchise is gearing up for its highly anticipated comeback, echoing the nostalgia of the original 1995 film’s charm. Interestingly, the intervals between the series’ films have been notably inconsistent, with an eight-year gap from the first to the second installment, a thirteen-year hiatus before the third, and now, the upcoming fourth movie is slated to arrive in less than five years following its predecessor.

This latest installment is igniting excitement among fans, as it heralds the return of many favorite characters and the creative minds behind the scenes, promising a reunion that feels both fresh and familiar to the series’ longstanding audience.

When Will the Film Come Out?

Bad Boys 4 is scheduled for a theatrical release on June 14, 2024, positioning it to compete directly with Disney and Pixar’s animated follow-up, Inside Out 2. However, the production has faced interruptions due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, casting some uncertainty over its current release date. While there has been speculation about a potential delay, no official confirmation has been provided yet regarding any changes to the film’s premiere timeline.

Will the Film Be Available On Streaming?

Bad Boys 4 is set to have an exclusive theatrical run starting in June 2024, after which it will transition through its exclusive theatrical and PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) windows. Following this period, the film will become available for streaming on Netflix. This arrangement is part of a deal established between Sony and Netflix in early 2021, indicating a strategic partnership for the distribution of Sony’s cinematic offerings on the streaming platform.

Notable recent Sony films that have found their way to Netflix under this deal include 65, A Man Called Otto, and The Woman King, showcasing the variety and appeal of Sony’s contributions to Netflix’s extensive library of content.

Is There a Trailer for Bad Boys 4

As of now, there isn’t a trailer for Bad Boys 4, but fans were treated to an exciting announcement via Instagram from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, signaling the start of the film’s production. The post features a video of Will Smith driving to Martin Lawrence’s house, setting the stage for a big reveal with “Shake Ya Tailfeather” by Nelly, Diddy, and Murphy Lee playing in the background—a nod to the Bad Boys II soundtrack, for those who may not immediately recall.

Upon Smith’s arrival, the duo exchanges a moment of anticipation, asking, “It’s about that time?” before jointly declaring, “Bad Boys for life, baby,” officially confirming the film is in the works. Despite the third installment already claiming the title Bad Boys for Life, Smith and Lawrence humorously remarked that perhaps they should have reserved that perfect title for this upcoming fourth film. Currently referred to as Bad Boys 4, the movie remains officially untitled, sparking curiosity and excitement among the franchise’s fans for what’s to come.

Cast and Characters of Bad Boys 4

In the eagerly awaited Bad Boys 4, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are set to reprise their iconic roles as Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowery and Detective Lieutenant Marcus Burnett, respectively, continuing their dynamic partnership as the series’ “Bad Boys.”

From the previous installment, Vanessa Hudgens will return as Kelly, alongside Alexander Ludwig as Dom, and Paola Núñez as Captain Rita Secada, with DJ Khaled also making a comeback as Manny the Butcher. Additionally, John Salley is slated to return as the tech-savvy Fletcher, a character he portrayed in the first two films of the franchise, bringing back his expertise in computer hacking for the fourth movie.

In a significant casting change, Tasha Smith, known for her role in Empire, will be stepping into the shoes of Theresa, Marcus’ wife, taking over from Theresa Randle.

The film will also introduce new faces, including Eric Dane of Euphoria fame as the antagonist, and Ioan Gruffudd, recognized for his role in Fantastic Four, as Lockwood, a character with political ambitions. Furthermore, Emmy nominee Rhea Seehorn from Better Call Saul and rapper Joyner Lucas are joining the cast in yet-to-be-disclosed roles, adding to the anticipation for the diverse and talented ensemble set to bring the next Bad Boys adventure to life.

What Will the Film Be About?

In line with the tradition of the Bad Boys series, the upcoming film is expected to blend thrilling action sequences with a high-stakes drug bust storyline. While specific details of the plot have yet to be officially confirmed, hints from the previous installment, Bad Boys for Life, suggest possible directions the narrative could take.

One particularly intriguing tease comes from a post-credits scene in Bad Boys for Life, hinting at the potential involvement of Armando Aretas, also known as Armando Lowrey, portrayed by Jacob Scipio. After the revelation that Armando is the previously unknown son of Mike Lowery, there’s speculation that the upcoming film might explore Mike leveraging his newfound familial ties.

The idea of Mike possibly recruiting Armando to assist on a case, despite Armando’s criminal history and current incarceration, sets the stage for a compellingly complex dynamic. This scenario not only offers a rich backdrop for action and drama but also introduces the potential for character development and exploration of themes like redemption and family legacies within the high-octane context of the Bad Boys universe.

Makers and Creators of Bad Boys 4

The upcoming Bad Boys 4 sees the return of directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who successfully took the reins from Michael Bay for the previous installment. Since their work on Bad Boys For Life, the duo has been involved in several high-profile projects, including the critically acclaimed drama Rebel and directing stints on the Marvel series Ms. Marvel. Additionally, they were at the helm of the now-canceled Batgirl movie, which was set to feature Leslie Grace in the lead role and Brendan Fraser as the villain, Firefly.

In a conversation with Christina Radish from Collider, El Arbi, and Fallah shared insights into how the success of Bad Boys For Life has emboldened them creatively for the fourth film. They expressed an eagerness to embrace a more ‘funky’ and ‘loco’ approach, indicating that fans can anticipate a fresh and possibly more daring direction in the next installment of the Bad Boys saga.

This enthusiasm from the directors suggests that Bad Boys 4 could push the boundaries of the franchise’s established formula, offering audiences new thrills and potentially elevating the series to new heights.

Chris Bremner is set to return as the screenwriter for Bad Boys 4, continuing his role from the previous installment. His involvement ensures a level of continuity in the storytelling and tone of the franchise. The film also boasts a strong production team, with industry giants Jerry Bruckheimer and Will Smith, along with Doug Belgrad, serving as producers.

This collaboration between experienced filmmakers and one of the series’ leading stars promises to maintain the high-octane energy and dynamic storytelling that fans of the Bad Boys franchise have come to expect.

Where Will Bad Boys 4 Film

Similar to its predecessors, the production of Bad Boys 4 is primarily set in Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, reflecting the franchise’s signature settings that contribute to its distinct atmosphere and visual style. The filming kicked off in early April 2023, signaling the start of an eagerly awaited continuation of the series.

However, the process encountered a significant interruption in July when the ongoing 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike led to a halt in production activities. This pause underscores the impact of industry-wide actions on film production schedules, affecting projects across the board, including high-profile sequels like Bad Boys 4.

Will There Be Bad Boys 5

Will Smith has hinted at the possibility of another installment in the Bad Boys franchise, suggesting that the story could continue beyond the fourth film. Although it’s still premature to confirm any future projects definitively, the enthusiasm from fans and the apparent willingness of the actors to return could make the idea of a fifth movie more plausible than some might initially believe.

However, the development of a subsequent film hinges on the outcomes within Bad Boys 4, notably implying that the characters must navigate their latest adventures unscathed. This tease keeps anticipation high among the fanbase, eager to see where the beloved characters’ journeys take them next and how the narrative might set the stage for further exploits.



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