10 High-Paying Clinical Microbiologist Jobs in Canada

Clinical microbiologists are not just limited to working in laboratories. They have diverse job offers they can do that offer them a lot of pay. They can work with scientists who carry out diagnostic tests for diseases in the lab.

Microbiologist Jobs in Canada
Microbiologist Jobs in Canada

People who also interact with people outside the laboratories also have options in this field. However, we have put together 10 High-Paying Clinical Microbiologist Jobs in Canada.

10 High-Paying Clinical Microbiologist Jobs in Canada

Clinical microbiologists carry out laboratory tests on specimens collected from plants, animals, and humans so they can detect diseases. Their duties involve researching human health. They need a bachelor’s degree from any certified college or university in microbiology or a degree in a related field that gives substantial coursework in microbiology, like biochemistry or cell biology.

Microbiology Laboratory Technician

Microbiologist laboratory technicians carry out laboratory tests on bacteria, viruses, and fungi to know if they are harmful or not. They also share some duties with medical laboratory technologists. The most important skill required by a microbiologist is patience. They also need an associate degree in this field. Their salary range per year is from $38,218 – $53,134.

Microbiology Research Scientist

Microbiology research scientists carry out experiments and analyse data to help build new technology and medicines. They also offer top-notch services that help people to live healthy lives. Microbiologists need degrees in biology or chemistry and they also need experience working in a lab. Aside from their educational background, they will also need analytical, observational, and communication skills. Their salary range per year is from $38,000 – $245,000.

Science Writers

Science writers write about scientific research, and it could be for a website or magazine. Sometimes, they also write about the history of a certain scientific finding or an article that shows how society benefits from the discovery. They need a degree in biology or any related field. Individuals with degrees in journalism are also fit for this job because they have the right knowledge of how to communicate complex ideas. Their salary yearly is in the range of $50,750 – 73,822.

Microbiology Research Assistant

The duty of a microbiology research assistant includes collecting data from people who are sick and helping them to read and understand their test results. They also help organize and keep track of paperwork that is needed by different health organizations. Their duties include preparing samples for testing, recording data from tests and experiments carried out and keeping records of test results carried out on patients. Their yearly pay is around $36,000 – $171,000.

Clinical Microbiologists

Clinical microbiologists are scientists who work with patients to detect and treat diseases. They are fully trained to detect and diagnose viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and parasites that cause diseases. They also specialize in helping doctors prescribe the best treatment for patients. Clinical Microbiologists need a degree in microbiology, several years of experience in the area, and skills. Their yearly pay is around $28,000 – $110,000.

Quality Control Microbiologist

Quality control microbiologists are in charge of food safety. They ensure that the food is safe to be consumed by humans. To ensure the safety of foods, they carry out laboratory tests on samples of products to make sure the foods meet the standards that are set by the regulatory bodies. They need a degree in microbiology or chemistry, and specialized training on the job. Their salary range is from $36,000 – $125,000


Bacteriologists are microbiologists scientists who are involved in the study of bacteria, their biology, identification, and classification. They research the effects of bacteria on humans and other organisms. A bacteriologist needs a bachelor’s degree in biology or microbiology and it has to be from an accredited university or college. They will also need a lab experience as it shows that they have experienced real-life situations. Their salary range yearly is from $44,000 – $203,000.

Medical Laboratory Scientists

A medical laboratory scientist must analyze human blood and body fluids so they can diagnose disease, monitor response to treatment and, detect genetic defects. They need a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science, chemistry or biology. They will also need experience in the field before they can get certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Medical Laboratory Scientists are paid yearly from the range of $30,000 – $85,000.

Public Health Microbiologist

Public health microbiologists are in charge of keeping the world healthy. They work hand in hand with doctors and nurses to detect diseases and monitor patients’ health. Also, they work on research projects that help us understand how diseases operate and how to treat them effectively. Their job also includes identifying sources and patterns of illness and developing strategies to help prevent and control the outbreak of diseases. Public health microbiologists need a bachelor’s degree in microbiology or biology. They also need an advanced degree in the field. Their yearly salary ranges from $11,681 – $307,000.

Biological and Medical Scientists

The duty of a biology and medical scientist is to research how plants, animals, and humans function in their environment. They are experts in the field of biology, and they use the knowledge obtained from the research to help with medical problems and treatment options. Biological and medical scientists need a degree in biology or a field related to biology. They also need strong problem-solving skills, math-solving skills to make calculations based on data collected and likely skills. Their pay is within the range of $41,000 – $174,000 annually.



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