Top Companies for Microbiologists & Salary in USA

Microbiologists play a crucial role in the field of science and medicine, studying microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi to understand their behavior and impact on various aspects of life.

Microbiologist Salary in United States
Microbiologist Salary in United States

In the United States, the demand for microbiologists has been steadily growing, driven by advancements in biotechnology, healthcare, and environmental science.

This blog explores the prospects for microbiologist salary in the United States, the factors influencing their pay, and the potential for career growth in this field.

Salary Overview

Microbiologists in the United States typically earn competitive salaries that reflect their expertise and experience. The average annual salary for microbiologists in the country ranges from $79,412 to $135,151 per year, while per hour is $26.26 – $44.70.

However, it all depends on several factors, such as location, level of education, years of experience, and the specific industry or employer.

The Most Common Benefits for Microbiologists

Below are some of the benefits to enjoy along with high paying salary:

  • 401(k)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance

Top Companies for Microbiologists in United States

U.S. Army

  • Salary range: $32.80 – $95.50 per hour
  • $99,191 – $191,000 per year

This is one of the best companies with benefits including employment discounts, dental insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, etc. Furthermore, there are more benefits to enjoy.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Salary range: $37,720 – $169,920 per year
  • $10.49 – $151 per hour

This company is offering lots of benefits with a high paying salary. However, there are lots of benefits attached to the salaries. There is a job offer to apply.


  • Salary range: $46,000 – $131,959 per year
  • $15.87 – $29.22 per hour

Some of the job offers include microbiologist, senior tech, chemist, etc. However, there are lots of benefits to enjoy when you work in this company.


  • Salary range: $14.69 – $69.91 per hour
  • $31,206 – $171,020 per year

You can apply for administrative assistant, accountant, salary satisfaction, etc. with a high-paying salary. Furthermore, there are lots of benefits to enjoy.

GenTech Associates

  • Salary range: $15.43 – $70.99 per hour
  • $39,691 – $126,671 per year

This company is one of the best places to work. They offer a high salary and also benefits to employees. Some of the job offers include project manager, business analyst, software architect, etc.

Astrix Technology Group

  • Salary range: $16.28 – $57.72 per hour
  • Per year: $44,430 – $149,668 per year

Astrix has been in business for over 20 years now, and we currently have over 600 women and men who call Astrix their home. Offering lots of benefits with a high salary.

Probi USA, Inc.

  • Salary range: $15.00 – $35.15 per hour
  • $51,270 – $173,241 per year

This is one of the best places to work as it offers different fields of job and also benefits. You can apply now and enjoy paid time off, insurance, etc.

Other Companies to Check Out

Companies name Per year salary Per hour
Mérieux NutriSciences $21,031 – $102,431 $14.06 – $27.39
DonLevy Laboratories $12.00 – $17.68
Boston Analytical $35,000 – $198,358


Highest Paying Cities for Microbiologists Near United States

Below are some high-paying cities that offer microbiologist jobs:

Name of Cities Per Hour Per Year
Downey, CA $82.90 $250,670
Exton, PA $36.56 – $44.02 $110,554 – $133,109
New York, NY $31.85 – $64.06 $96,310 – $193,688
Devens, MA $29.60 – $45.48 $89,511 – $137,532
Milwaukee, WI $21.15 – $22.33 $63,946 – $67,515
Crete, IL $22.23 – $25.12 $67,224 – $75,962
Madison, WI $21.59 – $26.14 $65,289 – $79,039
Crown Point, IN $18.27 – $22.36 $55,251 – $67,598
Albuquerque, NM $18.57 – $30.89 $56,142 – $93,402


Factors Influencing Microbiologist Salaries

  • Education Level: The educational background of a microbiologist plays a significant role in determining their salary. Those with a bachelor’s degree may start at a lower salary compared to those with a master’s or Ph.D. Higher degrees often lead to more specialized roles and increased earning potential.
  • Experience: As with most professions, experience is a key determinant of salary. Microbiologists with several years of hands-on experience tend to earn more than recent graduates.
  • Location: The geographical location of a microbiologist’s job can greatly affect their salary. Metropolitan areas and regions with a higher cost of living typically offer higher salaries. For example, microbiologists in California or the Northeastern states tend to earn more than their counterparts in rural areas.
  • Industry: The industry in which a microbiologist works can significantly impact their earnings. Microbiologists employed in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and research and development generally command higher salaries than those working in academia or government agencies.
  • Specialization: Microbiology is a broad field with various specializations, such as medical microbiology, environmental microbiology, and industrial microbiology. Specialized expertise often translates into higher earning potential.
  • Certifications: Some microbiologists obtain certifications, which can lead to salary increases. For instance, certification from the American College of Microbiology (ACM) can enhance job prospects and earning potential.

Career Growth and Job Outlook

The job outlook for microbiologists in the United States is promising. As advancements in biotechnology and healthcare continue, the demand for microbiologists is expected to grow. These professionals will be crucial in areas such as drug development, disease research, food safety, and environmental protection.

With experience and specialization, microbiologists can advance to higher-paying roles such as research team leaders, project managers, or university professors. Additionally, those with advanced degrees may have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and contribute to scientific discoveries.


Microbiologists in the United States can enjoy competitive salaries that are influenced by factors such as education, experience, location, industry, specialization, and certifications.

The demand for microbiologists is expected to increase, making this field an attractive choice for those interested in studying microorganisms and their impact on various aspects of life. With the potential for career growth and the opportunity to contribute to important scientific advancements, microbiology offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path.



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