How Much Money Does a Lawyer Make

How much money does a lawyer make? Do you have any idea? If you don’t, then I think you need to read through the content of this post from start to finish, as it will be giving important pieces of information that you need to know regarding the salaries of a lawyer in various geographical regions of the states.

How Much Money Does a Lawyer Make

How Much Money Does a Lawyer Make

The salary of a lawyer can vary significantly depending on various factors such as their experience, location, area of specialization, the type of employer (law firm, government agency, corporate legal department, etc.), and the size of the firm. Salaries can also differ between countries.

In the United States, for example, the median annual wage for lawyers was around $126,930 as of May 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it’s important to note that this is just a median figure, and salaries can range from below $60,000 to several hundred thousand dollars or more per year.

Partners in large law firms or highly successful lawyers can earn significantly higher incomes, sometimes reaching millions of dollars per year. Similarly, lawyers employed by prestigious law firms or specialized in lucrative areas such as corporate law, intellectual property law, or medical law, may command higher salaries compared to those in public service or smaller firms.

Salaries of Lawyers by State

The typical salaries of lawyers can vary from state to state just as mentioned earlier. That said, here is the list of lawyer salaries by state;

  • Alabama -$72,797 per year
  • Alaska -$78,300 per year
  • Arizona -$76,028 per year
  • Arkansas -$71,909 per year
  • California – $92,409 per year
  • Colorado -$112,994 per year
  • Connecticut -$80,148 per year
  • Delaware -$96,873 per year
  • District of Columbia -$84,740 per year
  • Georgia -$76,304 per year
  • Florida -$71,904 per year
  • Hawaii -$74,955 per year
  • Idaho -$69,277 per year
  • Illinois -$82,837 per year
  • Indiana -$72,902 per year
  • Iowa -$73,850 per year
  • Kansas -$72,558 per year
  • Kentucky -$71,343 per year
  • Louisiana -$52,857 per year
  • Maine -$72,670 per year
  • Maryland -$90,568 per year
  • Massachusetts -$31.69 per hour
  • Michigan -$74,945 per year
  • Minnesota -$77,709 per year
  • Mississippi -$69,049 per year
  • Missouri -$42.69 per hour
  • Montana -$13.00 per hour
  • Nebraska -$72,677 per year
  • Nevada:$56,068 per year
  • New Hampshire:$74,376 per year
  • New Jersey:$67,802 per year
  • New Mexico -$57,475 per year
  • New York -$70,463 per year
  • North Carolina -$75,439 per year
  • North Dakota -$74,566 per year
  • Ohio -$74,782 per year
  • Oklahoma -$71,892 per year
  • Oregon -$77,283 per year
  • Pennsylvania -$84,353 per year
  • Rhode Island -$75,733 per year
  • South Carolina -$73,177 per year
  • South Dakota -$71,309 per year
  • Tennessee -$73,774 per year
  • Texas -$104,416 per year
  • Utah -$72,366 per year
  • Vermont -$73,193 per year
  • Virginia -$60,140 per year
  • Washington -$81,142 per year
  • West Virginia – $70,136 per year
  • Wisconsin -$74,724 per year
  • Wyoming -$72,233 per year

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