You Can Now Get This LG OLED TV for Just $550 Right Now

You can now get this LG OLED TV for just $550 right now. With this deal, you can easily and effectively upgrade your entertainment hub for way less and then save a whopping $750 on this OLED 4K TV.

Get This LG OLED TV Right Now

Get This LG OLED TV Right Now

If it is that you are on the hunt for an OLED TV for your home, then you have probably found that they tend to carry a really significant price tag. But Best Buy in question is now making it much easier to get your hands on one, with the LG 48-inch Class A2 OLED TV reportedly going for an absolute steal.

Right at this moment, the original $1,300 price tag is cut to just a fraction of the original cost, with a reported savings of $750 and you will get to pay just $550 of your hard-earned cash. And this as you should know is not some no-name brand, either: LG as you should know popularly makes some of the very best TVs that are around and has been doing so for many years.

Why You Should Not Miss Out On This Deal

This is an excellent option for anyone on the lookout to upgrade a bedroom TV to something bigger and better. The same also goes for shoppers who want a new TV for the living room but however, don’t want something so big that it gets to dominate everything and everyone within it. At 48 inches, this is a solid and good size, not just a 75-inch monster.

Specs and Features of This TV

The smaller size in question does not mean that you are missing out on features, though. As well as its OLED display with 4K resolution, this TV is reportedly built on webOS so now you know that apps for all of your favorite streaming platforms will be present and even correct right out of the box. More advanced features are inclusive of dynamic tone mapping for even better color and contrast, as well as AI Picture Pro to make sure that even your older content looks excellent on this 4K TV.



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