Wild Gift Fellowship: Nurturing Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs

In the world of social and environmental entrepreneurship, the Wild Gift Fellowship stands out as a valuable source of assistance for individuals who aspire to create meaningful change.

Wild Gift Fellowship
Wild Gift Fellowship

This piece examines the core of the Wild Gift Fellowship, including its purpose, the grant it provides, the details of the application procedure, and the vital criteria that shape this influential endeavor.

Unravelling the Wild Gift Fellowship

The Wild Gift Fellowship is an esteemed initiative created to empower up-and-coming leaders who are dedicated to making a difference in social and environmental innovation. Based on the belief that forward-thinking individuals can bring about positive transformations, this fellowship offers opportunities for personal growth, guidance from mentors, and financial assistance to inspire sustainable solutions.

Mission and Goals

The mission and objectives of Wild Gift Fellowship may include:

  • Nurturing Environmental Innovators: Wild Gift Fellowship’s purpose is to nurture a fresh wave of environmental innovators. The fellowship seeks to locate and assist individuals with groundbreaking solutions to environmental and social issues.
  • Creating Lasting Change: The primary objective is to ignite lasting change by helping fellows transform their ideas into practical projects. Through financial support and an extensive network of assistance, we aim to empower fellows to create a meaningful impact on the world.

Grant Amount

The main focus of the Wild Gift Fellowship is to offer financial support to selected fellows. While the grant amounts may vary, fellows receive a stipend of $2500, a 3-week backpacking expedition, and 6 months of virtual programming. The objective of the program is to empower fellows by providing them with the necessary funds to turn their creative ideas into viable and sustainable projects.

Application Process

The application process for Wild Gift Fellowship are as follows:

  • Online Application Submission: Prospective fellows begin their journey by submitting a detailed application online. This application includes information about their background, their project vision, and how it will positively impact society and the environment.
  • Rigorous Evaluation and Selection: The application goes through a thorough evaluation process, which involves the Wild Gift team and external reviewers. The selection process focuses on innovation, feasibility, and the potential for creating long-term positive change in social and environmental aspects.
  • Interview and Presentation Stages: Successful candidates move forward to the interview and presentation stages. During these stages, they have the opportunity to further explain their vision and demonstrate the practicality of their projects. This interactive process allows the Wild Gift team to gain a deeper understanding of the fellows and their proposed initiatives.
  • Notification and Public Announcement: After the evaluation stages, the Wild Gift Fellowship notifies the chosen fellows. This moment marks the beginning of their transformative journey, and a public announcement is made to celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals who are making a difference.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for Wild Gift Fellowship are as follows:

  • Demonstrated Dedication to Social and Environmental Impact: Proving their strong commitment to social and environmental impact is essential for eligibility. Candidates should demonstrate a deep understanding of the issues they aim to tackle and a strong desire to create lasting and positive change.
  • Focusing on Early-Stage Ventures: The Wild Gift Fellowship primarily targets individuals with ventures in the early stages. Qualified candidates are those whose projects have the potential for growth, innovation, and significant positive impact on the environment or society.
  • Looking for Visionary Leaders: The program seeks visionary leaders who not only have a strong dedication to their projects but also possess the necessary leadership qualities to bring about lasting change. Fellows should show their capacity for innovation, collaboration, and resilience.
  • Embracing a Global Perspective: The Wild Gift Fellowship is open to candidates with a global perspective. This inclusive approach ensures that a diverse range of ideas and experiences contribute to the collective impact of the fellowship on a global scale.

The Wild Gift Fellowship Approach

  • The Wild Gift Fellowship provides financial backing to support social and environmental ventures.
  • Mentorship and guidance are key components of the fellowship, with access to a network of experienced mentors.
  • Mentorship programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each fellow.
  • Ongoing support is provided to fellows throughout their entrepreneurial journey.
  • The fellowship fosters a vibrant community through networking events and collaborative initiatives.
  • Collaboration is encouraged within the fellowship, allowing fellows to engage in joint ventures and share resources.
  • Success stories of past fellows are showcased to inspire current and future participants.
  • Tangible contributions of past fellows highlight the effectiveness of the fellowship in nurturing impactful ventures.
  • The fellowship’s impact extends beyond individual ventures, inspiring others to pursue social entrepreneurship.

Focus on Wild Gift Fellowship

The Wild Gift Fellowship supports environmental entrepreneurs, recognizing their role in addressing global challenges. By providing funding, mentorship, and access to eco-friendly technologies, the program aims to create impactful and scalable solutions. It emphasizes the connection between economic viability and environmental impact, highlighting the importance of building a sustainable future.

Impact on Social and Environmental Sustainability

The Wild Gift Fellowship goes beyond regular support. It strives to build a community of leaders who actively contribute to social and environmental sustainability. By offering financial support and a nurturing environment, the fellowship empowers visionaries to implement creative solutions that tackle urgent problems and make the world more sustainable.


The Wild Gift Fellowship is dedicated to cultivating a cohort of changemakers who are committed to social and environmental sustainability. Through financial support, mentorship, and a transformative experience, the fellowship empowers visionary leaders to realize the full potential of their projects and make a lasting impact. This dedication inspires a new generation of leaders to tackle complex challenges and create a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the fellowship contribute to a sustainable future?

Wild Gift Fellowship primarily focuses on environmental entrepreneurship. However, it’s recommended to check the program guidelines for the latest information on eligibility criteria and the specific focus areas covered by the fellowship.

What sets Wild Gift Fellowship apart from other programs?

Wild Gift Fellowship is distinct from other programs because it places a special emphasis on environmental entrepreneurship. It offers a comprehensive ecosystem that includes financial support, mentorship, networking, and access to resources, providing individuals with the tools they need to drive innovative solutions with a positive impact.

Can I apply if my project focuses on social entrepreneurship rather than environmental issues?

While Wild Gift Fellowship primarily focuses on environmental entrepreneurship, it’s worth checking the program guidelines for the most up-to-date information on eligibility criteria and the specific focus areas covered by the fellowship.



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