Beats Studio Buds Three New Colors – Beats Studio Buds Fashion Buds

Beats Studio Buds Three New Colors Celebrate a Wild Milestone. It has been quite some years now give or take since the Beats Studio Buds came out and competed with the active noise cancellation segments with Apple’s AirPods Pro and the Google’s Pixel Buds A.

Beats Studio Buds Three New Colors

Beats released the earbuds version of the Beats Studio headphones in black, white, and red – or rather, Beats Red. At the moment, the company has announced three new colors that are set to launch on April 13, 2022: Sunset Pink, Ocean Blue, and Moon Gray.

Beats Studio Buds Three New Colors Celebrate a Wild Milestone

Beats would be airing a new interesting commercial with the name “Choose Your Player” to highlight the style and personality of what Studio Bud’s new colors would offer to customers. The commercial is set to star model and actress Kaia Gerber and Olympic freestyle skier Eileen Gu, who appear as avatars that showcase the pink, blue, and gray earbuds in ‘90s-style retro gaming that showcase the pink, blue, gray earbuds in ’90s-style retro gaming worlds that has been inspired by “Dance Dance Resolution,” “SSX Tricky,” and what seems to be “Star Fox,” respectively. You can choose to check out the groovy commercial via this link.

The sunset pink, Ocean Blue, and Moon Gray Beats Studio Buds are already making the best fashion accessories for anyone’s wardrobe, just like their headphones counterparts. But at the moment, they have some new functionality that would be updated on the Beats App right on Android: Locate My Beats and product widgets.

At the moment, users would be able to see how much battery life their earbuds have and control listening modes within the app, among other things. Those features would not only come with these new studio Buds, but they also would get updated to previous models of Beats headphones and buds.

Beats Studio Buds Launch and Price

Aside from the Apple Store, the three new studio Beats colors would get sold at separate exclusive retailers on the 13 of April. The Moon Gray buds would get sold at Amazon, while the Ocean Blue and the Sunset Pink models would still be available at Best Buy and Target, respectively – for about $149.99.


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