G Suite from Google Cloud: Introducing A Google Workspace for Professionals

G Suite from Google Cloud Remote collaboration, flexible hours, virtual meetings, and many more, all these are new methods of working, it’s becoming crystal clear that they are here to stay. a lot of businesses have transformed their working method and with the pandemic, it is obvious this working method is here to stay.

G Suite from Google Cloud

Google cloud often referred to as GCP is a leading provider of computing resources for operating and deploying containerized applications. Google cloud is continually fast-growing.

They recently launched new cloud regions in India, Qatar, Australia, and Canada. That sums it all up to a total of 22 cloud regions across 16 countries, in support of the growing number of their users. Google has made history in its container offerings, designs, and even community. Even as the creators of Kubernetes, Google clouds GKE service was the first managed Kubernetes service in the market and is currently one of the most advanced.

G Suite from Google Cloud

As the digital economy trends and grows every day, cloud adoption has speedily become rampant across organizations from large-scale enterprises to upcoming ones. A lot of people today are making use of two or more cloud providers.

When you apply the multi-cloud approach, you are no longer limited to just one functionality, rather, the multi-cloud enables you to diversify your organization’s architecture and offer better access to best-in-class vendors’ technology.

The change to multi-cloud has also caused a great influence on Kubernetes users. By making use of the multi-cloud, you will spend less time managing highlighted platforms, workflows, and configurations, and optimizing your applications and containers for free.

How to Use G Suite from Google Cloud

Here is how you can use G Suite from Google Cloud.

  • Go to http://cloud.google.com/
  • Click on the “Get Started” button
  • Fill in all the details required of you and follow the onscreen instructions given to you afterward

The steps above are how you can use Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Containers

Below are methods on how to use rancher to manage Google Kubernetes engine;

  • Well-organized administration of the Kubernetes environment; having a Kubernetes environment that is well compliant and meets the requirements of the administration is a vital requirement for users. The function of a rancher is that it makes it easier for administrators any compliance requirements and enables the ability to self administrate from users of Kubernetes.
  • Extensive control from an intuitive user interface; maintaining control of the environment and tackling troubleshooting can be difficult sometimes especially, as your team advances in the usage of Kubernetes and continues to build more containers while deploying applications more. With the use of rancher, teams now have unrestricted access to an intuitive web user interface that gives them the chance to deploy and troubleshoot workloads across any environment of Kubernetes provider.
  • Secure clusters; security is a very vital aspect of any successful enterprise especially, in a complicated environment with multiple users. Rancher’s help provides offers administrators and their security control over their users of the tool on how to interact with the Kubernetes.
  • Multi cluster apps and a global catalog of apps; enhance the productivity of your team and improve the reliability of your architecture by integrating the multi-cluster applications into your environment.
  • Streamlined day-2 potency for the multi-cloud infrastructure; once you have used rancher in a multi-cloud environment to provision the Kubernetes clusters, your performance requires moving forward which are streamlined through the rancher.

Finally, looking ahead, it’s exciting to use the Google cloud to help companies make adjustments to flexible work with G Suite.

For more information, you can check https://cloud.google.com/blog/



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