IEG Fellowships 2024 for Doctoral Study in Germany (Up to € 1,350 Monthly)

Call for applications now open for the 202 IEG Fellowships for Doctoral Study in Germany. This fellowship is offered by the prestigious Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) in Mainz. IEG is an esteemed non-profit institution dedicated to fostering academic research beyond the confines of traditional university settings. As a member of the esteemed Leibniz Association since 2012, the IEG is renowned for scholarly excellence in the field of European history.

IEG Fellowships

Founded with a mission to advance academic research on European history, the IEG has a rich legacy of facilitating groundbreaking research initiatives. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to academic excellence, the Institute has carved a niche for itself as a leading research hub in Europe. The IEG Fellowships is aimed at nurturing the intellectual growth of doctoral students both locally and internationally.

Fellowship Details

The IEG Fellowships 2024 are designed to support doctoral students with a passion for history, theology, or related disciplines. Eligible candidates must hold a master’s degree and have commenced their doctoral studies within the past three years.

However, exceptions to this criterion may be considered on a case-by-case basis. As the Institute does not conduct examinations or award academic qualifications, fellows are expected to complete their dissertations under the guidance of their home university supervisors.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the IEG Fellowships 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • International doctoral students with a keen interest in European history
  • Enrolled in a full-time doctoral program
  • Proficiency in English, as evidenced by language credentials or certificates

Benefits of the Fellowship

Successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Monthly Stipend: Fellowship holders will receive a monthly stipend of €1,350, generously funded by the federal and state governments. This financial support enables fellows to focus solely on their research projects without the need for additional employment.
  • Family Allowance: Fellows accompanied by their partners to Mainz may be eligible for a family allowance, provided their partners’ income does not exceed €450 per month. This allowance serves to alleviate financial burdens and ensure a conducive research environment for fellows and their families.

Application Process

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications via email to the Leibniz Institute of European History. The application should include:

  • Completed application form
  • Cv with list of publications
  • Outline of the Ph.D. thesis (up to 15,000 characters)
  • Structure and timetable of the Ph.D. thesis
  • Copies of university transcripts and language proficiency certificates
  • Applicants are reminded to ensure that all attachments are in PDF format for easy processing.

For More Information, Visit the Official Webpage of the IEG Fellowships on:

Application Deadline:

August 15, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply simultaneously for other Fellowships?

Applicants may apply for fellowships at other institutions concurrently, but they are required to disclose this information in their application forms. Prompt communication regarding second applications is essential to facilitate the selection process.

What is the length of Stay for recipients?

Fellowship recipients are expected to undertake a research stay of six to twelve months at the IEG. During this period, fellows are required to reside at the Institute and immerse themselves in their research projects.

What does the need for English Proficiency mean?

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for fellowship eligibility. Applicants are encouraged to provide credentials or certificates demonstrating their language proficiency, acquired through formal education or other relevant experiences.

DO I need to bring forth a language test?

Applicants are expected to account for the language skills they mentioned in the application form through credentials or certificates.

Can I bring forth language skills achieved during my school years?

Yes, that is allowed.

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