THRIVE Academy IV 2024 – APPLY NOW

You can now apply for the THRIVE Academy IV 2024. THRIVE Academy is dedicated to assisting startups in the agri-food tech sector during the idea and pre-seed stages.

THRIVE Academy IV 2024
THRIVE Academy IV 2024

The Academy spans 12 weeks, serving as an agri-food tech pre-accelerator program tailored for entrepreneurs in the idea stage, early-stage startups, and researchers aiming to bring their innovations to market.

Program Objectives

The program is designed to:

  1. De-risk and validate ideas: THRIVE Academy supports participants in de-risking and validating their ideas, providing a robust foundation for further development.
  2. Capital readiness: Entrepreneurs will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to raise capital for their ventures.
  3. Go-to-market strategy: The program aids in building a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, which ensures that startups are under good preparations for successful market entry.

THRIVE Academy is a catalyst for innovation, fostering growth and viability in the agri-food tech sector through mentorship. Resources, and a structured program that aligns with the unique needs of idea and pre-seed stage businesses.

Who Should Apply?

The academy is seeking applications from individuals who exhibit promising entrepreneurial potential and possess innovative ideas in the agri-food tech sector. Specifically, we encourage applications from:

  1. Pre-seed – Seed Stage Agri-Food Tech Companies: Entrepreneurs leading companies in the pre-seed to seed stages of development within the agri-food tech industry.
  2. Researchers or University Teams: Individuals or teams associated with research or universities aiming to commercialize a technology related to agri-food.
  3. Early Stage Innovators: Visionary individuals at the early stages of development, bringing groundbreaking ideas to the agri-food tech landscape.

If your profile aligns with any of these categories, you will get invites to apply and be part of our program.

Benefits of THRIVE Academy

  1. Acceleration
  • The program set to initiate and propel your entrepreneurial journey, fostering rapid progress toward tangible commercial outcomes.
  1. Mentorship
  • You will have access to a mentorship network featuring industry insiders, corporate professionals, alumni, and investors who provide valuable guidance and insights.
  1. Investment readiness
  • You will learn the fundamentals of what founders need to be investment-ready, which will increase your chances of success when seeking external funding.
  1. Validation
  • Support in testing and validating your ideas, facilitating prompt, well-informed, and de-risked decision-making to minimize potential risks.
  1. Smart Farm Access
  • You will have the opportunity to access Old’s College Smart Farm and other Partner Service Institutes (PSIs) for evaluating, demonstrating, and validating your evolving technology in real-world agricultural settings.
  1. Accelerator Opportunities
  • Selected startups will have the chance to progress into THRIVE’s Canada or Global Accelerator programs, opening avenues for continued growth and development.

THRIVE Academy will provide you with the tools and resources and a supportive ecosystem necessary to establish a solid foundation for scalable growth in the agri-food tech sector.

How to Apply 

If you wish to apply, click here. For more information about the academy, click here.



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