A Third Diablo IV beta is On the Way       

A third Diablo IV beta is on the way and it is kind of a surprise to many users and gamers alike. Recently announced at a developer Livestream, this third beta in question aims to test server loads.

Third Diablo IV beta

Third Diablo IV beta

Just before its launch, Diablo IV is set to get one more beta.  During the D4 livestream vent that took place recently, the developers announced that they will be holding a third beta.

Dubbed the “Server Slam,” the new open beta will take place between May 12th–14th and it is designed to have as many players log in as possible in a bid to test server durability in preparation for the live game launch stipulated to take place in June. And as with the other events, progress that is made during previous betas will not be carried over to this one, nor will the progress made here carry over to the live game.

The Level Cap for Testers

The level cap is however still 20, the beta as you should know covers the same content from just as before, as all classes will be available, and players who take down the world boss Ashava can get to earn some unique… and I’m not in any way making this up… horse armor. This beta in question will also get to feature updates and tweaks that are taken from the feedback from the first two betas, so in the event that your classes feel a bit different, then they are.

What You Need To Know About the Launch Date

In what is perceived to be a brassy move, this new beta will take place on the same weekend the Tears of the Kingdom gets to launch. And given that the stated goal of the beta is to try to get as many people online as possible, maybe you don’t have to schedule it as the same weekend one of the most awaited and anticipated games of the year is set to launch. But that’s just me and my opinion. After all, maybe the Tears of the Kingdom as we all know were from the Zelda bf / Diablo gf households all along.



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