Microsoft Reportedly Solves Windows 11 Most Irritating Update Issue

Microsoft reportedly solves Windows 11 most irritating update issue, maybe. Well at this point in time we are quite hopeful that a new patch might do justice to the update installation failures.

Microsoft Windows 11 Update Issue

Microsoft Windows 11 Update Issue

Both Windows 11 and Windows 10 have just gotten an update that helps smooth over the Windows update process itself, and we have got our fingers tightly crossed that this could finally cure a particularly annoying and long-standing bug problem.

Neowin has spotted that Microsoft Update Health Tools is now being applied to Windows 11 (21H2, 22H2) and Windows 10 (21H2, 22H2) PCs as patch KB4023057 which is a mandatory automatic update in case you don’t know.

Microsoft’s Take on the Reported New Patch

In the support document spotted for KB4023057, Microsoft reveals to us that: “On Windows consumer devices, this update helps remediate smooth functioning of Windows Update.”

The issue right now is that Microsoft does not share more beyond that simple and straightforward statement. We really do not know just what tinkering has gone under the raider here, and we are now left to guess at what might have been implemented here, and with the statement.

So, let’s just do that, and play the guessing game for now. And right now, bearing firmly in mind that this is just a shot in the dark on the rumor front, our hope here is that this might just be a solution for the well-known update installation failure bugs that for a long time now have persisted.

Failure with Installing the Last Update

This is where you get to attempt to install the latest Windows 11 (or 10) cumulative update and it just fails to simply work with no form of explanation other than just a garbage error message that reveals to you nothing. It just leaves users staring at an unending and meaningless string of hexadecimal.



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