Apple Pay for Android: Can Apple Pay Be Used on Android Devices

Is apple pay for android possible? Is it something we should be considering and be hopeful about? Well, continue with this wonderful piece to find out more. Technology has been something else.

And with the rate at which it is growing, I might not be surprised to sleep on my bed and find out the next day that it has been replaced with something else, something better. I mean when did we have supercars? Now we are talking about intelligent cars that can drive themselves and even fly. I mean, technology, one can only imagine.

Apple Pay for Android

Apple Pay for Android

The world is delving into a cashless society and you can easily be left behind without you realizing it. If you are a vigilant person, you will notice that people don’t use cards anymore to pay for goods online and even in stores. They hover their smartphone devices even smartwatches over terminals to make payments.

There are now technologies in place that have now literally replaced debit and credit cards and even old-fashioned wallets. It is quite alarming, interesting, and at the same time great. The transition has been a smooth one so far.

Apple Pay is a mobile wallet app. And by mobile wallet I mean it is a digital wallet. This, therefore, means that your traditional debit, credit, or gift card is being stored within your smart device.

This digital wallet tool helps secure purchases online, in-app, and in stores. With this tool, you can also send and receive money from family and friends. This tool has been considered by so many easy to use.

They also claim that it is easier and simpler to use when compared to physical cards, with digital wallets platforms like apple pay, the transaction is faster, and you also don’t have to carry your physical card around anymore. It is more secure and reliable as long as the platform with which are using it accepts digital payments or has NFC technology.

Can Apple Pay Be Used on Android Devices

When talking about digital wallet platforms, the best and most used of these platforms are Google pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung pay platforms. Google pay works on both android and iOS devices, Samsung pay works solely on android devices, while apple pay, on the other hand, works solely on apple devices and watches. With this being said it is clear that Apple pay cannot be used for android.


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