Lebron James Still Has His Twitter Checkmark Even Without Paying For It

Lebron James still has his Twitter checkmark even without paying for it. It now seems that even though the superstar did not pay for his Twitter checkmark, Elon Musk gave it to him anyway.

Lebron James Twitter Checkmark

After publicly saying that he wouldn’t pay for the feature, James was offered a complimentary subscription “on behalf of Elon Musk,” who has said that both William Shatner and Stephen King got the same very deal.

Lebron James Twitter Checkmark

Twitter has begun getting rid of legacy blue checks for those users who don’t pay up. Well, unless you are in this case, LeBron James and a couple many other celebrities.

The Verge has just confirmed that an employee at Twitter recently emailed James, who has prior to this said that he wouldn’t pay for verification, to “extend a complimentary subscription to Twitter Blue for your account, @kingjames, on behalf of Elon Musk.”

What James Has To Say about the New Development

We contacted Adam Mendelsohn, James’ longtime media advisor, who then confirmed that James has not paid to be verified. However, after we initially published this very piece of information, Musk said that he is paying “a few” subscriptions “personally,” and this is including for the accounts that belong to Stephen King as well as William Shatner.

James and Other Personals to Still Have Their Twitter Checkmarks

James has probably been the most popular hater of paid verification on Twitter, insisting that, just as Martin Lawrence’s TV show character, “I ain’t paying the $5.” But if you get to check on his profile, he still has a verified badge there. And once you hover over the badge, it states that “this account is verified because they are subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified their phone number.”

Stephen King on the other hand who is quite responsible for the Twitter Blue subscription feature not costing $20 monthly, early on said that he has not subscribed to Twitter Blue or even given the company his phone number. Musk later on Thursday posted a snarky tweet that indicated that he is covering the subscription of King.



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