Microsoft Unveils the Diablo 4 Xbox Series X Bundle for Preorder

Microsoft unveils the Diablo 4 Xbox Series X bundle which is now available for preorder, and early previews show that it’s really something special for a bundle.

Microsoft Unveils the Diablo 4 Xbox Series X Bundle for Preorder

Microsoft Diablo 4 Xbox Series X Bundle Preorder

Developer Blizzard Entertainment and Microsoft are now teaming up for a special Xbox bundle just ahead of the much waited and anticipated release of Diablo 4.

The Diablo 4 Xbox Series Bundle at the moment is available for preorder beginning on Thursday from the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Amazon as well as Target, with a release date set for June 6. Also included in the bundle is an Xbox Series X console with storage of 1TB, a digital copy of Diablo 4, and in-game items for Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and Diablo Immortal as well as Diablo 4, and others. The bundle which is priced at $560 does save people $10 in contrast to separately buying the $500 console and $70 game.

Diablo 4 Has Had Two Beta Tests Recorded In the Past Two Weeks

The latest entry in the long-running dungeon-crawling franchise, Diablo 4, had two beta tests recorded in the past two weeks, during which participants got to play over 62 million hours of the game. The game makes some really big changes to the formula of the franchise. Players will now be able to explore the open world of Sanctuary freely as they get to fight against Lilith and her evil forces.

Microsoft Is Set To Complete Its Acquisition of Activision

Microsoft is now in the process of completing its acquisition of Activision, which as you should know is the parent company of Blizzard Entertainment. The Xbox maker just inked a roughly $69 billion deal for the publisher, but it, however, is still yet to get approval from US regulators. Japan’s Fair Trade Commission on Monday stated that it would not interfere with the acquisition.

How to Preorder Microsoft Diablo 4 Xbox Series X Bundle

It has already been mentioned during the course of this post, but to be precise and clear, you can now make your order from the Microsoft store, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. Preorder is already on as the release date is set for June 6. So hurry now and place your preorders at the mentioned retailers.



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