Grid Studio’s Earth Day Sale Offers 15% Off Items Right Now

Grid Studio’s Earth Day Sale offers 15% off items such as its unique tech art pieces right now. Grid as you should know helps to transform old tech into framed artworks that make for the perfect gift or even office decor.

Grid Studio’s Earth Day Sale

Grid Studio’s Earth Day Sale

Currently, we have seen tons of Earth Day deals get to launch this very week with the celebration in question taking place on April 22, and a host of sustainable as well as eco-friendly products are seeing their prices cut/slashed. Grid Studio which is the company that turns old pieces of tech into unique art pieces just recently launched its Earth Day sale thus offering 15% off sitewide with the code EARTH2023. The sale in question is set to expire on April 22, so you will not have to wait long in a bid to place your order at a discount.

How Grid Studio Works

The transformation of old tech products into unique art pieces by Grid Studio is certainly one medium to fight e-waste in our world of ever-changing technology, and its framed gadgets are the perfect gift for the tech fan available in your life. Devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, and many more are being disassembled into their component parts and then arranged in a fascinating, smart, and engaging way. The piece being disassembled is then displayed in a classic frame that will look very elegant in any setting, such as a game room or even a home office.

A Part of the Proceeds of the Sale Will Go To Charity

That 15% code is good to utilize against almost every product at the site of Grid Studio and 10% of all Earth Day sales will reportedly be donated to charity. The only exceptions here are special offers on two products, which are the iPhone 4S and the Game Boy Color, both of which have new Earth Day editions to help commemorate the event and at a steep discount which is as low as $99.



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