Ways to Protect the World on Earth Day

Are you looking for Ways to Protect the World on Earth Day? Like it or not the earth is not going to last forever in fact science has proven that it is slowly dying. Although this process is not going to occur in our lifetime or in a million lifetimes One Day The earth shall cease to exist. It is left to us children of earth to protect mother earth to ensure the survival of our children’s children as long as the earth exists.

Ways to Protect the World on Earth Day

How many of you know that there is a day to celebrate the earth which is called earth Day? It is left for us to look for various ways to protect the earth even if it is not on earth Day. Protecting the world is supposed to be the number one thing that all humans are supposed to do.

Ways to Protect the World on Earth Day

For a very long time, it has been released on our list. There were clear clouds in many places that have never seen clear skies for a very long time because of the 2020 lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This test was it is humans that are killing the planet earth.

That is why the same responsibility falls on the same humans to protect the earth  This article will guide you in some ways to protect the earth on earth day.

What is Earth Day?

World Health Day is simply a day that is marked to celebrate the earth for all the abundance and everything it has given to us. It is to celebrate the anniversary that marks the birth of the modern environmental movement which took place on April 22, 1970.

On that faithful day, millions of people that understand that the earth is doomed by the industrial development of man took to the streets to protest. Since the industrialization of earth, it has been very for the earth since it has been slowly dying away.

This is the reason why millions of people decided to protest on that fateful day against 150 plus years of industrialization. Ever since then that day every year has been marked as world earth day. It is a day for the entire world to take a pause and think of ways to better improve and make the earth heal.

How to Protect the World on Earth Day

There are thousands of ways that you can take no matter where you are on the surface of the earth to improve your health. After all, we are the ones that are being affected by the earth slowly dying away. Below are some of the ways you can add up today to your daily routine or any routine to begin saving the earth.

  1. Plant a tree – one of the major problems that the earth is being faced with today is deforestation. So many forests that provide coverage for animals and other creatures have been cost down for industrial purposes. Therefore facilitating the production of greenhouse gases. One of the ways to combat this is to plant a tree.
  2. Use water wisely – the less water you use the less water waste that runs into the sea to impact the life of sea creatures mutating their DNA and course in sea pollution.
  3. Use renewable energy – the use of renewable energy means fewer greenhouse gases that will impact our ozone layer causing the earth to warm up.
  4. You can simply volunteer at any earth Day events to help them with activities to help the earth on that day.
  5. Properly dispose of plastic that is non-degradable using proper channels. Also, you can simply cut the use of plastic to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in the sea and ocean.
  6. Host an event to clean up your own community and several others.
  7. Host a recycling drive through your town and community.
  8. You can simply work using a bike or take public transport instead of using your own car every day to reduce greenhouse gases.
  9. Donate or recycle used electronics instead of throwing them away.
  10. Plant a vegetable garden for yourself and your family that will be of great importance to you and to the earth.

With the above-listed ways, we hope you have learned some Ways to Protect the World on Earth Day.



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