Sotheby Career – How to Get Art World Job in Sotheby

Sotheby Career. The career services office at Sotheby works with candidates and employers every day to help both parties find a good match. Searching for a great job depends on your understanding options, knowing your strengths, and sharpening your focus.

Sotheby Career

Sotheby is a nice company to work with, there are awesome people who are friendly and hard-working, and very Knowledgeable. The company also gives its employees great benefits.

At Sotheby, they welcome applications and inquiries. If you are interested in employment opportunities at any of Sotheby’s offices in the United State, you can click here to view their Candidate Privacy Notice.

What is Sotheby?

Sotheby is a world premier company that is a destination for art and luxury. They promote access, connoisseurship, and preservation of fine art and rare objects through auctions, private sales, and retail locations.

The company was established in 1744 supported by a network of specialists spanning 40 countries and 50 categories.

Sotheby Career

As a global organization, Sotheby operates in an environment without boundaries, creating a dynamic atmosphere of energy and excitement for career development and growth. They are always committed to their diversity and colleagues have unparalleled expertise and passion, spanning over 70 specialists.

they were the first international auction house to expand from London to New York in 1955, and the first to conduct sales in Hong Kong, Paris, and Doha.

Currently, they maintain 90 locations in 40 countries and conduct approximately 250 auctions each year. In addition to their auction business, they also have a growing division dedicated to gallery sales in New York.

Sotheby Career Opportunity

Sotheby is happy to take applications and inquiries. If you are interested in employment opportunities at any of Sotheby’s offices, click on this link. With the link, you can view the company Candidate Privacy Notice that is applicable to you if you are applying for work with the company as an employee, worker, or contractor.

It helps you to be aware of how and why your personal data will be used, namely for the purposes of the recruitment process, and how long it will usually be retained.

The following are Career Opportunities in Sotheby. They are classified into three groups, to get more information, click on the above link.

The Requirement at Sotheby Career

How to Get Art World Job in Sotheby

starting a career in the international art world required preparation, persistence, and most importantly understanding its unique universe of career possibilities.

The Art World employs a wide range of professionals in a myriad of settings. You need to focus beats flexibility. Once you have a clear vision of your role, you can take step toward finding it. You need also to understand the marketplace in the cities where you are searching.

To get a job in the Art world, you can talk to professionals. There is no better way of speaking to an experienced professional about their own career path to learn whether theirs is the right path to follow. To Apply Click Here.


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