What’s Trending On Twitter – How to Know what’s Trending on Twitter

Do you want to know What’s Trending On Twitter? The world seems to be interested in what is trending, and because Twitter is one of the most followed social media platforms in the world, what‘s trending on Twitter is basically like what is trending in the world today.

What's Trending On Twitter

What’s Trending On Twitter

Nowadays, people trust what they see on social media more than what they see on their Tv screens. So many people take social media as one of the most reliable sources of information in the world today, even if you can still get wrong information from social media.

One good thing about social media is the fact that the approval for the authenticity of news is not placed in the hands of a selected few groups of people. Rather, the real witnesses can always confirm what was witnessed in the case of a physical happening.

As of 2020, twitter recorded a number of at least 330 million users. The fact that a lot of people are on Twitter, proves the fact that people value the content of the social media platform.

Records have it that Twitter is becoming one of the first opened social media platforms daily by its users. Knowing what trends on Twitter from time to time will keep you updated on what is happening in the world today and what people find interesting.

How to Know what’s Trending on Twitter

Knowing what is trending on Twitter is very easy. Your trends will appear at the right-hand side of your timeline in your home and notification pages. They will also appear on the right side of tweets on your profile page.

Note that trends are location-sensitive ( it is logical to think that what trends in one locality will most likely not trend in another). On Twitter, your trends are based on your location and the people that you follow. Despite the fact that trends are location sensitive, some trends go worldwide also, so worldwide trends are included in your trends on Twitter.

Next to the trends icon on Twitter, there is an option labeled ‘change‘. This option can help you change your trends by changing your location.

If you want to access Twitter trends on your mobile app, click on the search button, some trending topics will automatically be revealed. Also notice that some trending topics also include hashtags. Twitter can link you directly to that particular hashtag, and make you participate in the conversation, hence, enhancing your audience.

If you want to directly be involved in a trending conversation, click on the particular hashtag and you will be directed to the particular Twitter search. Here, you can search with different options or filters, including photos, people, or top stories concerning that particular topic. You can always click on the More tab to get additional features.

How Can Advertising Help You

Nowadays on social media, you can always boost your profile and posts with adverts. In a normal situation, sponsored posts on social media are more discoverable than normal posts. If you want to be more discoverable on Twitter, you can promote your tweets or even promote your trends.

On Twitter, promoted tweets are clearly labeled and differentiated from normal ones. This way, you can always increase your audience by having your tweets on other people‘s timelines.  

How to Use Trends for Your Social Media Marketing

The fact is that not every trending topic will be suitable for your marketing needs. So it is very important that you focus on your niche. Although not everything about your account has to be strictly narrowed to your business, you can have fun from time to time, but always keep it in your mind that your followers signed up for industry-relevant content and value. So, try not to stray too far away from the niche.

What Is Trending on Twitter Right Now

Finally, knowing what is trending today on Twitter will not be a hard task to do. From the Ukraine conflict to the premier league games, Twitter trends are easily discoverable.

If you are using your desktop device, then you will find your trends located at the left part of your Twitter home page and labeled with ‘explore‘. Right here, you will be able to see your personal trends and global trends.


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