Halloween Day Celebration in the USA 

Are you excited? It’s a Halloween day celebration in the USA. Halloween celebration is not meant to be celebrated in the USA only, it is also celebrated in other countries in the world, but it is how fun it used to be in the USA. They usually celebrate Halloween amongst friends, families, and maybe co-workers.

Halloween day celebration in the USA

But some other areas prefer holding large celebrations in their communities. Some adults do celebrate Halloween by organizing costume parties, building graveyards and haunted houses, and watching horror movies.

Halloween Day Celebration in the USA

In the United States, when it’s Halloween season, the Americans both children and adults they dress like witches, they attend masquerade parties. Most of the kids do go from one house to another with ghost appearance scary people to make plenty of candy, snacks, or gifts, this act is called ‘trick or treat’.

During Halloween there is a profitable something about the ‘trick-or-treat’, most of the children will carry small boxes that have the UNICEF logo on them that they use to collect money and send it to UNICEF for the sake of the orphans and the children that are less privilege in the world.

Symbols of Halloween

There are different symbols and objects that signify Halloween, they are:

  • Walking skeletons, spooks, and ghost that stand for the connection between the spiritual world and the physical world
  • They use gravestone, carved pumpkins, blood, fire, skulls that still connect to the spirit world
  • They also use animals (owl, spiders, black cat, and bat) because witches and wizards do operate with them and they are mostly found in dark places especially at the night

Places where Halloween is most celebrated in USA

In the United States, Halloween is celebrated everywhere, but some places celebrate Halloween so special than any other in USA. Here are some of the places:

  • Orlando
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Sleepy Hollow, New York
  • Buena Park, California
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Williamsburg, Virginia

What does Halloween really mean?

Halloween is a spooky festival that is celebrated on October 31 every year in remembrance of the dead. Further research can be done on Google.


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