Halloween Day Is Coming: When is Halloween 2021

Hey there Halloween day is coming and what are your preparations for this day? Are you excited or you don’t just have a thing for the holiday? Whatever it is, I am here to prepare you for one of the most celebrated events in the United States.

Halloween Day Is Coming

Halloween Day Is Coming

But before we delve into the content properly, what is Halloween? Though the celebration and event is a very popular one in regions across the Americas, it is not that popular in other regions of the world, Africa included. Halloween is a celebration held in remembrance of the dead. This very event occurs annually on the evening of October 31st.

Halloween also can be seen as a contraction of the all hallows eve or evening that translates to all saints evening. All Saints’ evening is popularly celebrated on the eve before all saints day. Saints generally and historically have been known as hollows. The word hollow is derived from the English word halig and also is related to the German word heilig that translates to holy.

When is Halloween 2021

The date for Halloween is October 31st of every year. But in the year 2021, Halloween falls on Sunday. This, therefore, means that the celebration will commence on Sunday the 31st of October in the evening. So whoever you are and wherever you are get ready, as the D-Day for Halloween is just by the corner. This day is one of, undoubtedly the creepiest of all days.

Children get dressed as they want such as a ghost, batman, the joker, or any other of their favorite characters. Also, they go to parties in the neighborhood or far from home, and or walk their neighborhoods with lanterns full of sweets going trick and treating all night long. It is even on record that one-quarter of all the candies sold in the US annually is purchased for the sake of Halloween.

What Is the Purpose of Halloween?

What is the purpose of Halloween one may ask? The tradition of Halloween, which is celebrated in some regions all over the globe originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On this very ancient festival day, people would light up bonfires and dress up in costumes to ward off ghosts. And according to records in the eighth century, November the 1st was designed by Pope Gregory III as a time to honor all saints.

Not too long after that, all saints day took up some of the traditions of the Samhain. The evening was always known as the hollows day which later evolved into Halloween. And over time, Halloween evolved into a day of trick and treating activities, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes, and also eating treats.

The festive holiday is a mixture of pagan and Christian origins. Although it is not an official holiday, the day is celebrated in various countries all over the world primarily in North America and Europe. However, the festive day is now gaining ground in Asia as it provides commercial opportunities. In the US it is the second festival after Christmas with the highest amount of spending.


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