How Many Calories Should You Eat per Day to Lose Weight?

How Many Calories Should you Eat per Day to Lose Weight?

How Many Calories Should You Eat per Day to Lose Weight? For leading you to need to maintain a healthy weight and body shape, when your body weight exceeds a certain limit, you can be fatigued quickly and would find your work productivity reduced considerably. It is essential for a healthy life, you should be critical of what you are eating, and how many calories you need. For a healthy life make it a habit to use the Tdee calculator, to estimate your daily energy requirement, to maintain a perfect body shape.

How Many Calories Should You Eat per Day to Lose Weight

Your TDEE is the total daily energy expenditure you require daily in your routine life. Try to know, what is my Tdee by using the Tdee calculator by When you are using the total daily energy expenditure calculator, you can evaluate, what is the necessity of your energy according to your workout routine, the Tdee calculator changes the energy requirement according to your daily workout routine when you are habitual of exercise and physical activity, your daily requirement of the energy is quite different from the people not found of any physical activity.

The normal range of calorie requirement for men is around 2500 for men and around 2000 for women if you have a minimum routine of workout and exercise. When you intake calories more than your described range in the Tdee calculator, you become obese and your cholesterol level touches the highest level. At this stage, medical professionals do advise you to lose weight to lead a healthy life.

In this article, we are discussing, how many calories, you need to eat daily to lose weight and ways to reduce your calories intake:

Way to Reduce your Weight

The most important thing in reducing your weight is controlling your eating habits. When you calculate Tdee and know what it is my Tdee, you can cut down your calorie intake by managing your food. Eating healthy food for reducing your weight and maintaining in the described ranges, it is critical to eat accordingly. Now we are discussing various ways to eat little consciously and lead a healthy life.

Try to Avoid High-Calorie Foods

People usually don’t know that fast foods are usually full of calories. Whether it is a Pizza or a cheeseburger. You need to cut down these foods, normally 100 grams of Pizza contain 273 calories. Its 1 slice contains around 246 calories, and a full Pizza is around 852 grams and contains 2325 calories. So when you are eating a full-size Pizza, you are taking a high level of calories.

Your normal range of daily calorie intake is between 2500 calories to 2000 calories, so you are taking the whole day’s calories in one time meal. You need to use the Tdee calorie calculator, to determine your requirement of daily calories intake according to your activity level, then manage your food. If you want to reduce your weight, it is better to avoid such high calories foods. Use the Tdee calculator to determine your daily expenditure of calories.

Avoid Drinking Calories

You would be amazed to know that the soft drinks and the soda bottle contain high levels of calories, around 355mL or 12 ounces of the cola contain around 150 calories, use your Tdee calculator to determine what is the calorie requirement and reduce your cola’s intake. The 475 mL or 16 ounce of cola contains around 250 calories or more if it is mixed with various flavors.

If you want to reduce your fats, you need to avoid drinking the calories in the shape of a cola bottle. Use fresh water juices instead of soda bottles, the fresh food and especially citrus fruit like oranges would help you to reduce your weight. Citrus fruits have the property to reduce the cholesterol level in your body. So you manage your calories intake of calories by consuming less cola bottle, these soft drinks can make your obese.

Manage your Food and Calorie Intake

When you are in the process of losing weight, try to use tdee calculator and find out the level of calories required. It is better to fill your plate with salad, fruit, and vegetables, instead of chicken and meat. The fruit and vegetables are low in calories and good for your health. These foods induce a level of good cholesterol in your body.  A high density of Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is good for your health.

The excessive amount of chicken and meat would ultimately induce Low-density Lipoprotein(LDL) cholesterol in your body, the LDL cholesterol would accumulate as plaque in your veins and arteries and hinder the healthy flow of blood in your body. So when you gain extra pounds of fats beware, you are accumulating LDL cholesterol in your body, so use Tdee calculator to find out your calorie requirement according to your age and height and eat healthier food like fruit and vegetables.

Just Say no to Alcohol

You need to cut down on your alcohol, the alcohol doesn’t have any nutritional value, it also induces your appetite and you don’t care What you are eating?  How much are you eating? If you are already overweight, alcohol can be a dangerous drink for you. When you are drinking alcohol, you can eat much more food, and all your weight-cutting down activities would be at stake. So it is better to avoid alcohol if you want to reduce your weight, it is better to use fresh juice of grapes and it can be good for your health. People do eat a lot of meat along with alcohol, this can add to your already excessive fats.

Adopt healthy life habits and use the tdee calculator to find out your calories requirement. When you become conscious of the daily expenditure of calories by using Tdee calculator, then you would care, what you are eating, and why you are eating a substance. Maintaining a healthy weight needs a lot of effort and care, exercise, and work out daily to lead a healthy life.

When you are doing exercises, it creates a deficiency of calories in your bodies and you are able to cut down your weight. You can create a calorie deficiency by eating less or by doing exercise. This would keep your weight in healthy proportions and you can enjoy a healthy life.


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